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I have never restored an old vehicle before and need some advise and help.
I have purchased a 1947 Ford pickup. It's really an awesome looking pickup but I have no experience in restoring vehicles. I also have a 1964 Ford pickup. I'd appreciate any advise/help I can receive on how to begin...what I need in order to get started, etc.

I've kind of become overwhelmed and have even entertained the thought of just selling my trucks and buying one already restored.

I'm grasping at straws here...any help out there for a newbee?

Thanks in advance for any advise/help.
posted: May 16, 2008
  Answers (7)
that 47 Ford is a neat looking truck, especially when restored back to stock condition. There are different levels of restoration, the most intense of course is the frame-off where the body is pulled from the frame and running gear, body, suspension, etc. are all restored to perfection.

The simplest restoration is fixing things which may be broken or not working properly, painting/cleaning visual items.

Between these two there are multiple in-betweens and it really depends on level of experience, money issues, parts availability and time as to which one you choose and only you know where you stand on those issues.

One last point to keep in mind, you will spend nearly the same amount of money and time on either vehicle, which one in the end result will be more valuable, thats the one to start on!
posted:  May 16, 2008
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Buying something which is allready restored is far easier and in some cases easier on the pocket book! If you love working on these old classics then it is not nearly as fun though!
posted:  May 16, 2008
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I guess you should start with a budget and timeline,then decide if you want to drive it under construction or not. safety items should be first, make it run good, then paint& interior, or whatever you want,you can't get it wrong.Good luck,if you need more,e mail me on here, i will do my best to help.
posted:  May 21, 2008
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been thru this 4 times. I would just buy one done. It will be cheaper.
posted:  November 18, 2008
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Great trucks. I have restored several cars ( and several others that I did not get done). It is a big job, even with the right tools. It will cost 2-3 times what you think and take 2-3 times as long. Both your trucks look good, drive them like they are.
You can do minor improvements on each of them as you go along. It gets pretty discouraging having a car tore apart in the garage for years. The cost to restore either of these trucks to new condition exceeds their current value. Unless they have sentimental value, drive them. I would rebuild brakes, fix any wiring, lights, etc. if your planning on doing some cruising. Those old trucks can be as reliable as the newer ones with some preventive maintenance. I just make a point to set aside one Saturday a month to check out the old car good. I had a 64 like yours, wish I still had it.
posted:  March 30, 2009
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Take it from someone that does it constantly, buy one done....it's expensive and time consuming and normally you will be buried in the finish project and tend to regret having ever started. Parts are expensive and there never seems to be enough time to get it finished. Www.EricsMuscleCars.com
posted:  January 16, 2012
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you can go to AdlersAntiqueAutos.com he has a lot of helpful information about restoring trucks,plus you can email him.nice trucks!
posted:  January 22, 2013
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