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12 years ago
An asking price is rarely the selling price. We have to start somewhere, right? Also consider the source. If the person selling a car just happened to receive it in a will, it has very little value to them and they may be willing to cash it in cheap to go buy a new 54" HDTV or something. The higher prices you see listed are generally realistic because they are being sold by the BUILDER or long-time owner who has a substantial investment and keeps receipts to prove it. Before you buy your next car, do some research. Price out a jalopy you can afford. Then add up all the stuff you want to do to it to make it YOUR dream car and do the math, You'll be surprised. (and the word you need is "their", not "there")
13 years ago
i think it has to do with what someone thinks its worth. Granted, SOME vehicles are way out of the ballpark, but most all are reasonably priced. Everything has a value RANGE.
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