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why are the cars on this site priced so high above there value??? get real people
posted: November 26, 2009
  Answers (8)
Because thats what we want to sell 'em for. Get a life.
posted:  November 29, 2009
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My customers regularly spend nearly twice what thier cars are worth to get them restored or modified to modern specs. You're right that alot of prices are high but in fact there are many reasonable priced vehicles on this site and some vehicles which have obviously had many hours and much money spent on them. Rather than ridiculing the people and thier vehicles maybe you should try to walk a mile in thier footsteps . Then try to sell your prized vehicle to me which I only want to pay a quarter of what you have into it !
posted:  November 30, 2009
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It is also a matter of perspective. What may be a lot of money to you, might be considered a bargain to someone else. I know what I can afford to spend on my '66 Cadillac (some months more than others!) and still take care of my obligations. Having said that, it is a hobby that we enjoy. If you don't have an old car, consider buying one, perhaps you will get a better understanding of what it does cost to restore or work on an old car. I still have a lot of work to do on my old car, but the fun and enjoyment it has given my friends, family and me is worth every dollar that I have spent on the car.
posted:  November 30, 2009
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What I would like to know is: badabing, what are you basing these so called 'High Values' upon? Have you been able to find classics cheaper elsewhere? Perhaps you would like to share with the 'Hobby Community' where these 'Cheaper' classics are located? Then we could all have a classic, I know I would like a couple in my garage!!
posted:  December 1, 2009
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What are you lookin' to buy? What kinda number is "high" to you? [insert smiley face emoticon here] I have a cool '59 Buick Electra here on www.OldRide.com - needs some tlc - but priced pretty cheap. Also a couple of very affordable '62 Chryslers...[insert smiley face emoticon with a winky here]
posted:  December 1, 2009
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I'ts quite obvious you are not a fan in the world of collector cars otherwise you would be in tune with what a antique /collector or special interest car is worth. Classic, antique and rods are some of todays best investments, even better then the stock market in some cases. Like all investments it takes up front capital (money) to make a sustantial return (profit) on your investment. The money put into a restoration of an vehicle is hoped to be recovered on the resale of the car. Another factor to consider is the popularity of the vehicle at time of the sale. Some cars are more desireable then others raising the values of one model over another. I hope this helps in answering your question and that before you critize, do some up front research on your concerns either through the local library or the internet, you'd be amazed what goes on around you.
posted:  December 3, 2009
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i think it has to do with what someone thinks its worth. Granted, SOME vehicles are way out of the ballpark, but most all are reasonably priced. Everything has a value RANGE.
posted:  December 23, 2009
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An asking price is rarely the selling price. We have to start somewhere, right? Also consider the source. If the person selling a car just happened to receive it in a will, it has very little value to them and they may be willing to cash it in cheap to go buy a new 54" HDTV or something. The higher prices you see listed are generally realistic because they are being sold by the BUILDER or long-time owner who has a substantial investment and keeps receipts to prove it.
Before you buy your next car, do some research. Price out a jalopy you can afford. Then add up all the stuff you want to do to it to make it YOUR dream car and do the math, You'll be surprised. (and the word you need is "their", not "there")
posted:  February 22, 2011
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