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What car to buy? Lincoln continental
Alright so I'm lookin at two cars I don't know what to buy

The fist car I have seen is a 1967 two door hardtop it has a 462 cloth seats fronts are riped it's a red interior
The alternator was bad so I couldn't drive it I got it started by jumping it

The second one I have not even seen its a 1968 two door vinyl top it has a 460 looks like grey of black leather interior

That is about the only difference the price is pretty close I haven't even seen the 68 but from the pics on Craigslist they look to be in the same overall condition I was really just wondering if those differences made a hudge difference in price I don't really know what to look for with these cars so help there would be nice
posted: October 6, 2013
  Answers (2)
if the person wants to sell the 67 he should make it drivable so it can be inspected by a mechanic. both cars should be checked out to see what they need and the cost . i recently paid 300.00 to have seats recovered ,with me supplying material .steering parts can be very costly . along with other repairs if you can not do them yourself . hope one makes you happy
posted:  October 7, 2013
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My professional advice to you is to NEVER buy a Lincoln (or any car or that matter) without getting it professionally looked over. Unless you're contimplatng a complete body off restoration, I wouldn't write the check unless it was inspected by a professional. The brakes system, the steering systems, air/cond, rust, engine should get a compression test, and I can go on and on. If you don;t care about the money, fine, but if you are smart you'll see what has been done to it, what needs to be done to it, and above all if it's safe to drive. After all these (and other) things are inspected, then if the price is in accordance with condition, you can write the check if you like the car. Lincoln's are EXPENSIVE to put right, parts are not cheap fr these monsters. Trim parts, pot metal, stainless all need to be established as "how much to redo?" whle you are in consideration.
No smart collector buys a car off Craigslist or anywhere else without service records and final inspection
A word to the wise should be sufficiant....
posted:  October 9, 2013
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