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Looking for Entry Level Classic Car in Northern Virginia
Hello everyone,
I have always been a huge admirer of classics, and now that I finally have a salary that will allow me to enter the market, I wish to pursue this option.
I want to find a classic that is a very reliable car. I am not very knowledge with cars, however I believe with a reliable car, I will be able to learn through the problems as they arrive, rather than starting from a rusty ride.
I would like it to be a 'daily driver' however I would not give up my car currently.
I also would like to be in the price range of 5000-11000 if I could finance.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciative, or helpful. I really enjoy the early 60s autos, but understand they need a lot mor TLC due to age.

I guess to sum it up.. my questions are.
1. Cars with Good Gas mileage
2. Cars that are reliable in the Northern VA area (or relatively close) in the 5000-11000 range.
3. Classic Car suggestions (Cars that are easy to work on, etc.,)
posted: August 12, 2009
  Answers (4)
Congratulations of entering the classic car world of headaches and heartache. Just kidding. It is wonderful owning a classic car. Especially all the new and interesting people you are going to meet on your journey. You didn't really specify which kindof car you were looking for...Ford? Chevy? Chrysler? Plymouth? One suggestion is to find a classic car in which parts are easy to find, such as a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. You can still find good NOS (new old stock) or aftermarket parts for popular vehicles such as these.

Good luck buddy!
posted:  August 12, 2009
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I am pretty open as far as my first car.
My family has been Ford since I can remember, but my extended family has been Chevy. I would say they would be able to help me with those two makes. I do love the MOPARS as well, just personally do not know a whole lot about them and would have to find some that do.

I see a lot of Mustang and Camaros, however when looking to buy, they are pretty expensive compared to some other names.
The early Mustangs did come with a 6 cylinder if i recall, which would help on gas I believe.
posted:  August 12, 2009
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Are you wanting an American Classic?

Some of the old European Classics get good gas mileage such as the VW Beetle, Morris Minor, Triumph's, Austin's...
posted:  August 13, 2009
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A freind of mine has a 1956 Ford Custom Line going up for sale. Stick on the column in good shape. I think it has a 272 in it. His garage is full and something has to go. I think he will be asking $7 - 8 for the car not sure. If you have interes let me no I will have to take some pics for you and would need your e mail address to forward pics to.
posted:  September 21, 2009
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