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1970 chevelle SS 396 BB
Hello people

I have a rebuilt 396 BB with a new turbo 400 tranny and when I drive the car for appox 45minutes to 1 hour all of a sudden just dies is this from vapor lock or is there another reason for this happening? It cools down after 10 minutes then it goes again and then dies again !!!!! Any suggestions on what I should be doing or changing? Everything on the chevelle is new from the bottom up. The only thing we haven't looked at was replacing the fuel tank and and we believe the tank is fairly new as well as fuel lines leading up to the fuel pump. Fuel pump to the new filter is new including lines to the carb. My mechanic is kinda at a cross roads on what needs to be done as well.
Anybody out there can help please send me a reply as I'm stuck and getting depressed as I hit a wall with this issue : (

Thanks to everybody that will send a response.
posted: July 23, 2013
  Answers (3)
1. I would suggest that you remove both battery cables and clean both the connector and the terminal. Then verify the charging voltage at the battery with the engine idling. It should be between 13.8 - 14.5vdc. Then turn on all the electrical accessories, then check the charging voltage once more. or a bad battery cable maybe losing contact as it gets hot from resistance (check both) probably the ground cable. Do you have good body/chassis ground straps? when your out driving and it shuts down SAFELY pull over and feel the battery cables and ends does one feel hotter than the other?
It might just be a faulty cable.
posted:  July 24, 2013
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When the car dies take the gas cap off of the tank see if it will start back up,if so you have a non vented cap on the car and it should be a vented cap. Next you will need to determine is the engines ignition system losing spark,possible coil overheating.
Also check to see if you are getting gas to the fuel pump if you are see if you are then getting gas from the pump to the carb.

If you have a factory Q-Jet Carb and it has the internal fuel filter remove it as this has been a problem since day one,and see if that solves the problem ,if so put a good in line fuel filter on your car and enjoy.
posted:  July 30, 2013
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You may also have sediment in the fuel tank that collects on the pickup sock. An extended run will block the sock and starve the fuel pump. Shutting down the car allows the sediment to fall off the sock and you are ready to go! Next time it happens you may try leaving everything alone and shake the rear of the car, encouraging the sediment to dislodge, and see if it will start. If this is the case you may be better off replacing the tank or sending it to a professional to clean out. It is almost impossible to get it clean at home. And I agree with the other post...replace the fuel filters and gas cap.
posted:  August 7, 2013
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