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What is paint code instructions for saddle bronze for 64 grand prix?
Hello, I have a Grand Prix that has been in my family for , well since new off the show room floor from Tidwell Pontiac in San Antonio, Texas where my Aunt Willene bought it. the color was Saddle Bronze which the code was 1A ,I think which is on the IDI Plate. The color has been discontinued so I have had a Hard Time finding the mixing directions. I went to visit my Aunt when I was 13 years old, flew Delta on a DC-6 to Dallas, and a DC-7 to San Antonio, this was my first airplane trip! I spent 3 weeks with her where we played golf went to the Giant swimming pool and met her friends and did the Twist which was Popular at that time! I stayed there three weeks and we drove back to Senioa, Georgia that took us three days of cruising the Grand Prix which operated flawlessly! It had air conditioning ,too. He which was a first for me! My Aunt died of Cancer and my mother bought the car from her ( she didn't have to) and they both gave the car to me. Before she died I promised her I would restore it and drive it and think of her, which I think of her everyday anyway , because she was like a second Mother to me! Please , if anyone can help me get the paint code for Saddle Bronze which I thought was the coolest color when I saw it and still do! , Please help me with the paint code instructions. I could get a picture took of the color and get a close match but I would like for it to be perfectly matched! Please help me fullfill my promise. Thank you all at Old Ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted: February 11, 2014
  Answers (2)
I would think if you took it to a Pontiac dealer they would be able to look at the plate and tell you.
posted:  February 18, 2014
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try a martin senior auto paint store paint 30y-3327 or 90t-4066
was used on chevy 63 -64 saddle tan poly ===corvette - same ==buick 63-64 bronze mist poly
olds 623-64 saddle mist poly and Pontiac 63-64 saddle bronze poly . info came from martin senior 1959-1964 paint color book .
posted:  March 14, 2014
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