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How do you replace the instrument cluster lights in a 1978 Buick Skylark?
posted: October 20, 2009
  Answers (1)
I found this answer at teambuick.com. Don't know if it helps.

"I would pull the instrument cluster out and clean all the contact points where all the light bulbs make connection with the printed circuit board. This will improve your dash lighting.

Remove the small cover plate beneath the dash near the ignition switch; then reach up and slightly wiggle the connector that attaches to the back of the instrument cluster; while wiggling see if the gas gauge then displays properly. I have seen this fix a lot of instrument cluster issues. The connector is in all likelihood not making good contact with the pins on the printed circuit board. If this helps fix some of your erratic lights and gas gauge, then you will need to remove the instrument cluster (really not that hard) and clean up all the contacts, replace all the old bulbs (got mine at Advance Auto parts) and while it is out remove all the lenses and clean all the dust and dirt from the instrument gauges.

Pull the cable and check for fraying; if okay, then grease the heck out of it and put it back into the housing; the cable can be removed from the cluster without removing the cluster if you take both cover plates off and have small hands to reach up and unscrew it. If it is not the cable or grease, then suspect the reset button for the trip meter. If it is dirty, worn or sticking, it causes the odometer needle to bounce like crazy at varying speeds.

I believe to rewire the car with a new harness would be a major undertaking due to the wiring on the printed circuit board connector and the various harnesses for the power accessories. If it were me, I would first attempt to clean everything up and then at worst case, try to replace the fuse holder only, as that would help.
posted:  October 22, 2009
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