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Selling and Payment
For example when i get a response from a interested buyer how do i manage the Selling part of the car? Does it involve the person interested in the car to call or email me for the payment and then arranging the pickup of the car or does the payment get done thru OldRide?
How do i protect myself from scammers, if there are any on OldRide?
posted: July 16, 2012
  Answers (2)
first come up with a price and stick to it. On the phone or e-mail or what ever. And if some one come's too look at it, and seems they might buy it, be willing to compromise on the price. So price a little higher, so too beable to nogociate. Don't lie about what is wrong with the car, be up front about every thing about the vehicle. Also, brag about the good things about the car. Like money u have put into it. The things u have done. Any history that you have a bout the car. Don't except a check for the car, unless it is secured, don't take any money until the person, come's and looks at the vehicle, and say ill take it. People will scam you, like I, will send you a check, on soand so day. And the day comes and the check is not in the mail. Mean while very customer that called between that time you told them the car was sold when it was not. Best thing be honest about the car. Its better to let them nop up front. They will thing you are a honest person to deal with. Talk about how will it run's, or how bad it does not run very good. On how it drive's how the brake's work. get the ideal. good luck. Try too look up other car's, and get and ideal what people are asking for thier vehicle. Look on e-bay to see if one is for sale
posted:  July 16, 2012
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Well i have put everything i know in the description so far as well as how much i am asking and how low am i willing to get for it, i have looked on Autotrader Classic and Ebay and so far this particular car goes for 10k and up, i have seen cars like mine go for 6k without an engine.
I understand all the payment method and so far i get that i should not take anything but a bank check or cash, and if its a online sale and i need tio ship it, this will be done by the buyer.
Thanks 61pontiac, great answer.
posted:  July 16, 2012
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