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3 years ago in DODGE
I've got a 61' Dodge Polara with the 361 wedge engine and rebuilt torqueflite transmission. Unfortunately the 361 has a cracked block. I have access to a 426 wedge that came out of a 1965 Plymouth Satellite. The 426 was originally hooked up to a 4-speed, so everything from the flywheel back is missing. I'm fairly sure that the engine is a bolt in, but my questions are, will my flywheel and transmission housing fit the 426 crankshaft and engine block? And if not, is there a way to adapt it? Thank you.
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3 years ago
Hi Robby. You have an interesting situation that I think I can help you with. The crankshafts on V8 Chrysler engines were different from the more modern Chrysler engines. Your Dodge is most likely bolted up to a cast Iron Torqueflite(3 speed) or Powerflite (2 speed) transmission. Chrysler changed the crankshaft design for the 1962 model year so that they would accept the new aluminum torqueflite transmissions. You would have to exchange the crankshaft from an older raised big block (RB). That would be 1959-61, 383, 413 engines.