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1964 Cheverolet Chevelle Malibu SS came with 230 6cyl??
Recently bought a rolling chasis 64 Chevelle in real rough shape, crunching numbers calls it a 64 SS with a 230 6 cylinder. The vin starts with a 45737K the cowl tag is 64-5837KC. The badges on the car have Malibu SS on the rear quarter panel, Chevelle on the front fender and a rectangular 230 badge/with red and white checkers on the front fender behind the front wheel. I have never seen a badge like the 230 badge before and I cant find a car with them anywhere on the web, including google images as well none of the restoration catalogs offer a remake that looks like it. An online buddy of mine who knows a lot more than I about GM is telling me I have an extremely rare find so here I am to see what the community has to say and find out which way to go to verify what I have. How do I document it?
posted: December 16, 2013
  Answers (4)
the 45737k brakes down to 4= model year 57 = 6cyl chevelle Malibu ss sport coupe . 37 =2 dr ht .k = Kansas city assembly plant . car should have bucket seats . 230 emblem is correct, have seen it used on other chevelles . SOURCE HOLLANDER INTERCHANGE MANUAL personal note the 230 engine has a single groove pulley on crank,250 has 2 groove pulley
posted:  December 16, 2013
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Thanks for the info retiredpartsman!!
One more question, when I look for production numbers on the VIN it says 0 were made... I even came across a document on this site that said the same thing. Was this a special order?
posted:  December 16, 2013
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G M did not separate the production numbers between 6 and 8 cyl cars .
posted:  December 17, 2013
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this may help but i did own a 66 malibu ss 230 6 cyl auto trans, it had bucket seats and consul, ss emblems on the outside, the car was 3 years old when i bought it when i was 16, supriseingly a customer had a 64 chevelle 4 dr sedan 230 that had a chrome rocker cover,
posted:  December 17, 2013
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