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where do I find the vin # on a 59 f-100
bought a f-100 years ago and was told it was a 59 f-100 it has a 352 motor in it but the local ford dealer says that the 352 did not come out until 1960. Would like to find vin # so that I may get the correct info for my truck so that I may start to rebuild it. Also any info on where to find #'s on the engine block would be a great help
posted: December 16, 2008
  Answers (1)
1959-60 Truck Vehicle Identification

* Where To Find Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
o For 1959-60 Ford the VIN plate is attached to the rear face of the driver's door. The information on the rating plate is the VIN number. The VIN number identifies the series, engine, model year, assembly plant and production sequence.

* Series Identification
o F10 = F100
o F11 = F100 4WD
o F25 = F250
o F26 = F250 4WD
o F35 = F350
* Engine Code
o J = 223ci 6Cyl 1BC Carburetor 1959-60
o C = 292ci 8Cyl 2BC Carburetor 158hp 1959-60
o D = 292ci 8Cyl 2BC Carburetor 160 hp 1959-60
* Models Year
o 9 = 1959
o 0 = 1960
* Assembly Plant
o A = Atlanta, GA
o G = Chicago, IL
o D = Dallas, TX
o K = Kansas City, MO
o L = Long Beach, CA
o U = Louisville, KY
o E = Mahwah, NJ
o M = Memphis, TN
o N = Norfolk,VA
o S = Allen Park, MI
o R = San Jose, CA
o P = St. Paul, MN
* Production Sequence (Series #)

Key Information 1959-60
o 1959: The major styling changes on the 1959 trucks consisted of a woven nylon saran seat upholstry, foam rubber seat padding, sound deadening material, two-tone paint on the doors and the instrument panel, a left door armrest, a white steering wheel with a chrome horn ring, a passenger's side visor, an illuminated cigal lighter, a chrome grille, headlight bezels, parking light rims and windshield moldings, and matched door locks. A Custom Cab emblem was located on each door.
sources: www.blueovaltruckparts.com
posted:  December 16, 2008
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