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I want to sell but don't know the worth
I have a 68 Dodge Dart GT Convertible that I have owned since the early 70s. At least the title says it is a 68- it has a 67 transmission. It has a 225 slant 6 engine (not the first I've replaced it twice since I've owned it.) It runs but is not what I would consider road safe. IT has been sitting for too many years. It needs brakes, exhaust, new gas tank (small leak), a tune up, etc.
In addition it needs body work, paint job, and upholstery repairs. I would have to hire all the work done. I want to know whether to sell it as is and how much to ask or whether I should put enough money in to make it safe to drive and then sell?
posted: June 24, 2013
  Answers (1)
Hello; I will give you some estimates from what I can see and what you wrote. Keep in mind there are many unknowns for me, like the condition for the frame, floor pans, trunk floor? IF the car has been inside all this time, the former mentioned items SHOULD be okay. Interior: approx. $1400; body repair and paint approx $2100; $200 for fuel tank and lines, all the other mechanicals approx. $700. In addition there isn't a huge market for the 6 cylinder cars, or green cars. Hopefully the interior is black. Hopefully the top is in good condition, especially around the back window.
There is a very loose estimate from the limited info. So approximately $4000 to fix everything, to sell the car for about $6000 to $6,500 if the repairs are done correctly, painted a different color(if interior is black only).
If you want to ask additional questions with more information, email me at [email protected] Also depending where you live, I could make an offer on the car. Donald
sources: Depends where the car is located.
posted:  July 17, 2013
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