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I recently purchased 4 cars which will have to be stored outdoors for awhile - at least up to a year or more before I can get around to restoring them. What are some of the best practices for outdoor storage? What is the best thing to use to cover them up? What things should I be on the lookout for? Any help is much appreciated so I don't have an even greater headache when I finally getting around to them. Thanks for the help.
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14 years ago
When I store my chevy for a period of time I put moth balls in net (clam) bags and place them in, under, around & through every space that could harbor mice. I also put them in the engine and trunk compartments. There is something in the smell of the chemicals that they can't tolerate therefore they try to avoid it. If you are allergec to moth balls I strongly suggest you don't use them. Make sure you leave a long tail or string hanging out so you can find them later.
14 years ago
I always place at least two boxes of decon inside the car. Even on my parts cars which are outside I use decon. I have seen some huge nests inside cars and worst of all they nest in tight areas and their urine will cause metal to rust faster!
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