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Decoding VIN & Data plate
I can't find a site to decode my new 51 chevy. Can some one help? VIN # 9JJC10344. Data plate:Style # 51-1211/ body No. N. 3573/ trim 200/ paint 447. any help would be appreciated. I can't figure out what model this car is.
posted: April 8, 2009
  Answers (3)
You have a 1951 Chevy special 1500 Series 2 door Sedan - 6 passenger
75,566 of them were produced and the factory price was $1,540
sources: The Standard Catalog of Chevrolet
posted:  April 8, 2009
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I.D. NUMBERS: Serial numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar.
Engine numbers were stamped on the right side of block near fuel pump.

The first symbol in the serial number indicated assembly plant as follows:
(9) Norwood, Ohio
The second symbol indicated the model year: J=1951.
The third symbol indicated the model and series: J=Special 1500 Series
The fourth symbol indicates the month of manufacture: A=January, etc.
The last four symbols are the production sequence number in the specific factory.

Serial numbers for Michigan-built 1951 Specials were: JJ-1001 to 32061, engine numbers were: JA-1001 to 1261301. Serial numbers for Michigan-built 1951 Deluxes were: JK-1001 to 174408. Deluxe engine numbers fit into same sequence listed for Special Series above.

The Fisher Body number plate on the right-hand side of the cowl gives additional information such as the body style number (see second column in tables below), the body production sequence number, the trim (upholstery) number code and the paint number code. Monotone paint colors for 1951 were: No. 442 Maryland Black, No. 443 Burgundy Red, No. 444 Thistle Gray, No. 445 Fathom Green, No. 446 Shadow Gray, No. 447 Trophy Blue, No. 448 Aspen Green, No. 449 Aztec Tan and No. 450 Moonlight Cream. Two-tone paint combinations for 1951 were: No. 451 Shadow Gray/Thistle Gray, No. 452 Fathom Green/Aspen Green, No. 453 Maryland Black/Moonlight Cream, No. 454 Thistle Gray/Trophy Blue, No. 455 Thistle Gray/Shadow Gray, No. 456 Aspen Green/Fathom Green, No. 460 Shadow Gray Poly/Thistle Gray, No. 461 Thistle Gray/Shadow Gray Poly, No. 464 Fathom Green/Aspen Green and No. 465 Aspen Green/Fathom Green.
sources: Standard Catalog of Chevrolet
posted:  April 8, 2009
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Here is a great website with tidbits of information about the 51 chevy www.51classicchevy.com
posted:  April 8, 2009
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