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What brand of replacement rear coil springs would you suggest for a 1971 chevelle?
I was looking and saw moog and acdelco but all of the reviews i saw were for modern cars so i need some suggestions on a quality brand. made in the u.s.a. would be great
posted: June 28, 2013
  Answers (3)
either brand would be a good choice. if you want the ride a little higher and stiffer use station wagon springs, same model car.
posted:  June 28, 2013
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After turning wrenches for 45 years when it comes to suspension parts ,in my eyes there is no substitute for MOOG !!

Folks ......don't pile up on me here,it is just my opinion ,as I am sure you all have yours.
posted:  July 18, 2013
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I would open up my options and say it largely depends on what you have under the hood, and what you want to do with it. If you have a lot of ponies under the hood, and have inte5rest in drag racing, the rear end would want to push down more on a standing start and change the weight distrribution, and there is also a "side tweak" that occurs simultaneously from the natural torqueing of the engine, you might want to consider the front AND rear suspension at the same time as a whole.

If you are, or intend to be "Goodguys Autocross" type of person, you will experience sway and lean as you go through the course obstacles, and it's much better to make a good decision up-front, than to have to repay for parts and R & R a bad decision. There are also coil spring manufacturers that will adjust the tension from the OEM tension rate, kind of a "hybrid OEM" final product. ALSO, consider the thickness of the factory sway bar, if so equipped, it fits into the equation as well.

If it is a normal driver car, then stick with the OEM's as you've looked at. I am making the same kinds of decisions, I have a 57 Chevy, and in turning the oem stuff, they lean like a motorhome going 30 MPH around a corner!

I would look at the entire suspension as a whole, and not in pieces, front, rear, etc. Here's a book that came out in 1987 for $6 plus shipping used ==> http://www.alibris.com/How-to-Make-Your-Car-Handle-Hp46-Fred-Puhn/book/12164381?matches=22&cm_sp=works*listing*title
sources: http://www.alibris.com
posted:  September 11, 2013
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