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where can I take my 74 nova to adjust the head lights, or is there a way that I could at home
posted: May 16, 2009
  Answers (4)
What I did in the gas station days and still do for myself or anyone who asks me to do it is find a wall where the car sits at its normal ride hieght in front say about ten feet away and wait untill sun is going down so you can see the headklights and adjust them so that they shine about a foot off the floor and set the headlights so that they run straight and not outwards or inwards but straight out and the beams at ten feet shoukld be about one foot ff the floor.
posted:  May 16, 2009
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Many years ago, when I was in the Army, the manual said to park 20 feet away from a wall, put on the high beams and center the high spot on the wall the same height as the center of the headlight.... Then when you go onto low beam, it is built into the headlight to go down and to the right. Works.... (note of trivia: that is why when an Englishman takes his car onto the Continent he has to change out his headlights. Low beam goes down and the opposite way...)
posted:  May 16, 2009
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Do it quick and right with a Hoppy Hopkins B4-A Professional Headlight Aiming Kit. Very e-z to align your headlights. Then charge all your budz to reset their lights from monkey huntin' to possum huntin' and everywhere in between - back to original mfg's spec. Several on available on ebay.
posted:  May 17, 2009
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I agree with retiredfordtech... take your headlight ring off and there are adjustment screws behind there ,park infront of a wall , turn your headlights on and adjust them with the screws while looking at the wall to straighten them out.
posted:  May 18, 2009
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