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Where can i find parts for a 1948 International Harvester U.S. mail truck & restoring tips?
Hey there, i have a 1948 international harvester U.S. mail truck with body been made by the york-hoover corporation.
I have had a heck of a time trying to find information on this truck and where i can find parts for it and how to go about restoring it
while dealing with a tight budget for now.
It has a identification tag on the firewall and one on the body but some of the info is almost gone so i'm not sure where to go to get the information?
Any tips would be helpful.
Body is in great shape, has some surface rust and has got some cancer in the floor panels but nothing major. When i got the truck the previous owner's wife had since taken out the existing steering wheel and column and had made "ART" with them! AARRGGG!!! Anyway that explains itself there, need steering gear for it. Also it has most of all the trim and engine parts in a few boxes that came with it. The original motor is no longer with the truck, but it does have a 66 Plymouth 318 V8 that might be seized or just in need of a little TLC, but I plan to take that out and put a Green Diamond straight 6 motor in there that would be an original. I'll try to post more on that truck if I am not giving enough information about it, along with hopefully some photos. Thanks
posted: June 4, 2009
  Answers (3)
For parts you could try Fransten Stainless Products, they specialize in International Trucks, and a few others. Here is their phone number and website. (507) 831-4946 - www.frantsen.com
posted:  June 4, 2009
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Not too familiar with International's but it sounds like you've got an interesting vehicle. You say truck, but what is the body style like? Truck, Delivery Van, Panel, Commercial Station wagon? Can you post any information on the serial number? Someone might be able to offer some help.

Some other places to look for identification numbers could be on floorboard on right side of driving compartment, left front end of frame, left front spring hanger or right runningboard shield at front end.
posted:  June 4, 2009
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If you looking for historical information, you could try the National International Harvester Collectors Club. They might have some tech tips or a parts locating service too.
posted:  June 4, 2009
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