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1972 sport torino 351 cobra jet 4 speed hurst top loader trans 9" rear end is this car rare
posted: September 17, 2009
  Answers (2)
The 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport SportsRoof was featured in the Movie Gran Torino

The Gran Torino Sport was offered as a 2-door hardtop and a 2-door SportsRoof. All Sport models featured an integrated hood scoop, which was only functional with the optional (and very rare) Ram Air Induction system. Also included with this model was twin colour-keyed racing mirrors, moulded door panels (unique to the Sport model), body-side and wheel lip moldings, and F70-14 tires (E70-14 on hardtop models). A reflective laser stripe remained an option, and was revised to run the full length of the car. It replaced the chrome side molding, and was available in four colours to match the exterior paint. For the driving enthusiast, the "Rallye Equipment Group" included the Instrumentation Group, Competition Suspension, G70-14 tires with raised white letters, and a Hurst shifter for the 4-speed models (if so equipped). The Rallye Equipment Group was available with the 351CJ-4V or the 429-4V in Gran Torino Sport models. The Competition Suspension was highly regarded by Tom McCahill of Mechanix illustrated, as well as Motor Trend and Car and Driver as being less harsh than past Torino performance suspensions, while still offering excellent handling. Motor Trend described the suspension as "Unlike the super heavy-duty springs of years past, the folks at Ford have managed to produce superior ride control without harshness. It takes a ride in one [Torino] to truly appreciate it." Torino's new and improved chassis and suspension design can be attributed to this improvement.
posted:  September 17, 2009
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I would say it is a fairly rare car! As always their is always something rarer but from the sounds of it your car is outfitted with all the top of the line options. Of course the early 70's weren't quite the powerhouse years for Ford but at least its not a late 70's Ford!
posted:  September 18, 2009
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