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I have a 65 C-10 sitting in the back yard that I was wondering what parts would go for typically?
The truck died there in 1980 and is obviously weathered. There is not alot of rust but there is some. The windows are all intact, the hood is intact. There are only a couple of dents but none with creases and the interior is all original. This has been sitting and now we are trying to get rid of it either by parting it out or selling as a unit but we have no idea what a classic truck like this would go for in this condition. We have had several offers for the whole truck as everything on it is still original for those interested in restoring with original parts instead of after market. I have attached a couple of pics to help out. Anyone that can give me an idea of what is a good price please let me know. Thanks
posted: September 15, 2009
  Answers (2)
Thats to bad, usually the beds on these trucks are the most valuable pieces, along with the grill, bumpers and tailgate. Looks like the bed was removed from the truck then set in the dirt or has the rear axle sunk down? Short or Long Box?

To answer your question however (and one would have to visually look over the truck) I wouldn't pay over 300 for the entire truck, that price would go up of course if those pieces mentioned above were in rust-free, solid condition!!!

Good Luck!
posted:  September 15, 2009
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I seen one of these a 66 fleetside on e_bay a couple of months back the guy wanted 250 bucks for it and couldn't sell it and his was running only need brake work. This might be a good truck if someone wants a rod....hot rod,rat rod.....But for a daily driver, WOW i don't think so. But you might get lucky and sell it, some people do some weird things....Hey Good Luck with it.
posted:  September 15, 2009
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