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Car Corral at car shows

Let me introduce myself. I am Phil Brand, a member of the Bluebonnet Streetrodders club from Bryan/College Station, Texas (Aggieland). We hold an annual Rod Run here in town, this year will be our 17th!

Does your club host an annual car show? If not you probably won't be interested in the rest of this message. If so please read on.

One of our new club members has been to other shows throughout Texas and reported that a few of them had a "Car Corral" where the hosting club members could display their cars and have the public or attendees vote on them separately from the main event. That way the club members can participate but not compete with the arriving non-members.

We are thinking of starting this Car Corral in our future events but we were wondering how other clubs did this and what success or problems they had.

So, how about it, can you provide some valuable information for us to get this project rolling? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to talk to me in person instead of typing out some long email message (like this one!) feel free to call me anytime. Please forward this message to anyone that you think could help.

Phil Brand
(979)691-8429 (home)
(979)575-3583 (cell)
posted: February 1, 2008
  Answers (3)
I have yet to hear of this kind of Car Corral. Most shows and swap meets I have been too in the past which had a car corral were all cars and trucks for sale by owner.

Sounds kinda more like a Car Showdown?
posted:  February 1, 2008
Hello Phil,
A car corral here in the midwest is a section where a seller can display his car for sale for a pre-set fee (say $25) during the car show. I don't think that is the answer you were looking for but it's worth 2 cents.
sources: http://cruisinclassics.motortopia.com/
posted:  February 8, 2008
Yeah, thanks guys. I must not have been listening carefully (like usual!). I was informed that they call it a "Club Corral" at one of the events they went to.
posted:  February 8, 2008