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Planning to restore a Ford truck, which is the best way to go?
I am keeping my eyes open for a 1950's Ford truck to restore. I do not currently own one. I think I just want to end up with a good original looking truck that is reliable, fun, and safe to drive.
Can an original truck be fun, safe and reliable? so should I look for something that is original and still in running condition, or just buy something that has a decent body and plan on replacing the motor with something newer that is more reliable and more powerful, electronic ignition etc? Someone told me the way to go is to plan on replacing motor, and front axle and upgrade to front disc brakes and power steering. What do all of you think?
I just want to get started in the right direction.
I love the look of the '48 - '55 Ford trucks, but to be honest any 1950's truck would be ok with me regardless if Ford, Chevy, or International.
Thanks for any replys.
posted: February 24, 2008
  Answers (1)
I would say allot it depends on your budget and how much you can afford on replacing, upgrading or restoring the parts and pieces which need it in order to be in fun, safe and reliable condition.

I have seen allot of vehicles over the years, some of them appear (body wise) in the worst shape but the running gear is absolutely stunning, rebuilt motors, transmissions, brakes, suspension, etc. Visually they appear like a piece of junk but in reality they run and drive great.

On the flip side, I have seen stunning bodies, chrome and interior but the running gear was in horrible shape, smoking motors, tranny slips, brakes are shot, steering is loose, etc.

If it were me I would take a great condition running gear and junky body over a clean body and junky running gear, then again, looks aren’t important to me. Nice thing about this approach is the fact you can continue to enjoy the vehicle on the road while replacing body/interior parts as time and money allows.

Good Luck and make sure you have fun doing it!
posted:  February 24, 2008