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I have a car for sale on old ride. Can you help with an international sale?
posted: November 12, 2008
  Answers (3)
I sold a car international. What I did was I went to my bank and opened up a savings account with $5.00 in it. I had his money wired into this account. When the bank told me the money was there and clean which you has to keep an eye on close the account, this way there's no chance of him doing anything. After the accounts closed tell him to pick up the car. You have to dot all your eye's and cross all your T's. If he's not aware before they put the car into a container it has to have less than 1/4 of a tank of fuel and they have to fumigate the car. Make it clear the car is being sold as is where is don't volunteer for anything to many scams going around.

posted:  November 12, 2008
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Hi jayz,

Many of our members who have listed their vehicles on OldRide have sold vehicles outside of the country before, and it is becoming more common for Classic Cars to be shipped overseas. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't approach with caution (as with all potential buyers).

Just be aware, anytime there is extra money they want you to send it is most likely a scam. I would not send any money or exchange any info with anyone that is asking you to refund extra money. Also it can take several days for funds to clear, so be sure your bank verifies that everything has cleared or calls and verifies the check with the issuing bank. The more info you can get from the buyer the better.

More information about scam attempts is posted here:

You can also find some tips for safely buying and selling online here:

If you do proceed with any buyer, never send out any merchandise until you have cleared funds with your bank. Wait a proper amount of time for your bank to clear a Cashier’s Check. Remember, buyers may be just as apprehensive as you when it comes to sending out money to unknown sellers so always stay in constant contact with your buyer to inform them of the progress. If you can, try talking with him over the phone, that might ease you apprehensiveness.

Also remember, no legit buyer will ever pay you more than you are asking for your merchandise, any buyer willing to pay you over and above your asking price is most likely a scammer.

Thanks for your inquiry and if you have any further questions or would like to verify a potential buyer, please contact OldRide at [email protected] and make sure to forward any email correspondence between you and the buyer to us.
posted:  November 12, 2008
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There is only one way you want to do it, have them wire transfer the funds complete into your account.
Provide them with your account # (if this bothers you open another account in your bank checking or savings which ever is free then when the funds are received transfer them to your normal account) Get your bank Routing # and Swift # supply these to the buyer and let them know that you will send them a bill of sale and a copy of the title either scanned or faxed as soon as the funds are recieved. The original title must go with the vehicle when the vehicle passes through customs. Have them arrange transportation any overseas shipper with handle all the paperwork for them and you or call 1-800-496-0881 ask for Joan tell her what you need from where to where she can handle the entire trip from you to them.
No Certified checks, no partial payments, no checks from the transporter etc etc etc. Wire Transfer in full only way!
posted:  December 13, 2010
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