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Anyone want to tell their FIRST CAR stories???
Hey fellow "OLD RIDERS", I am considering writing a book about your first ride. If there is enough interest and I can get enough stories I would like to put together a book and attempt to get it published. I want stories on YOUR "FIRST CAR", the first one YOU ever purchased. Let me know what you think or fire me a short story on your car...IF YOU CAN REMEMBER! Thanks...
posted: January 16, 2011
  Answers (2)
My first ride was a 1946 Dodge trk, 4 cyl, 4 sp had the pedal to push to start it. Myself, and a freind through out about 20 rock's; from under the barn for the trk. It was just painted and had a new floor mat put in it. Chrome reverse wheels, new tire's. Netheir one of us had a driver's license. We had date's for Friday night. We were going to dr the trk up town. And get in the gril's car, and return to the car, late saturday morning. It had no plate's or insurance on it. Well around 2 am saturday morning, we got in the trk to leave. I told; Roger my frend that the cop is going to be waiting for us to leave and pull us over. He did not think so, we got on the road here come's the town police officer. With the light's on, he tell's us to go home. And a wrecker is on its way to take the trk away. We walked home, the next day we walked up town to check on the trk. The garage said, the officer said, not to let them boy's have that trk. Unless it has license and insurance first. We were to young to even have a license, so the owner of the garage, had a beutifull 65 chevy chevelle malabu ss, red with a white convertable top. Chrome reverse wheeel's, white interior, and automatic on the floor. 283 eng. We traded the trk for the Chevelle, and drove it out of the parking lot.
posted:  January 16, 2011
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I called it the "Tank" a 1966 Ford f250. 352, 4speed, blown out glass packs, burn rubber in all 4 gears. Bought it from my sister in laws Dad for a hundred bucks. His son rolled in in a creekbed and they traded a 56 chevy to the "bodyman" who pounded all the dents out with what looked like a ball peen hammer. It was quite often 6 feet in the air jumping across the gravel road at "4 corners". It always started well below zero or above a hundred. It would light up the 2 lane blacktop anytime the pipes cackled down the hill from town. Parents,friends,neighbors all knew when I was out on the prowl. When the tires got bald, I was able to buy tires at the local tire shop for 5 or 10 bucks. What I found out later was they were actually tires sent in to get capped by a local logging company and the tire shop would sell them new tires as their take offs were "junk". Unfortunately my Dad worked for the logging company, blew the whistle and my source of cheap tires dried up. I wanted to go to the auto, boat speed show in Spokane with my buddies and we borrowed a set of huge tires and wheels from my science teacher. My principal gave us all the day off and told us to learn something as school was not on our minds anyway. It was my sophomore year drinking,fishing,hunting,cruising,work truck. I sold it 10 years after I graduated for a hundred bucks to my sister in law. I do not know where it ever went. Like all legends I am sure it faded away
posted:  January 22, 2011
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