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How difficult is it to replace the top on a '66 conv. DeVille?
The top is missing so I wont have the luxery of "reverse engineering" Does nyone know where I could get detailed instructions?
posted: July 9, 2009
  Answers (6)
You can visit your local Cadillac dealer and see if they have an old manual that you can photocopy the instructions out of.
posted:  July 9, 2009
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If the dealer doesn't have a manual, you can order a CD-ROM of the original factory repair manuals that were issued to the dealer mechanics.
posted:  July 9, 2009
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Sweet thanks. Has anyone ever replaced a top? I'm a pretty mechanically inclined person, and I think I could do it myself.
posted:  July 9, 2009
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make sure you get good advice about how stretch top to make it tight ,otherwise will flap in the wind when you drive with top up ,other than that it is not supposed to to hard ,
posted:  July 11, 2009
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Hey there!!! I'm Owner of upholstery shop in Phoenix for 31 years. I can tell you how to do it step by step.
www.craigscustomupholstery.com go to contact page. Remind me your in oldride and I will help you. Before you email me Take off old top. Try to keep it in one peace (save it for later) Take off old convertible pads. 10 inches wide and goes from front top back bow. measure from back bow to back header(that is your bow height)
(1) Careflull with taking off weather strip.
(2) paint frame
(3) replace all tack strip ( if it is bad go to local upholstery supply house) You will need rubber tack strip it's 3/8 thick 3/4 wide buy 8 foot of it. The old is pressed cardboard ( use a flat screw driver and clean it all out.
(4) lude all joints on frame. White litheum grease.
(5) put top up and down a few times.
(6) install new pads. just need air staple gun. ( should use stainless staples)
(7) then email me and i'll walk you threw the rest.
posted:  August 3, 2009
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Thank you I have your site bookmarked.
Unfortunately the top is not on it, the rear part with the window is but not the top. I won't be replacing the top till this winter, but when I'm ready I'll get ahold of you.

Thanks again!!
posted:  August 4, 2009
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