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Need help finding what I want
hi guys new member here. i have been surfing, reading magazines articles & anything i can think of to look for the vehicle of my dreams. i seen this truck at a local mcdonalds and havent seen it since. just from pictures it looks like a 32 ford. not chopped, or modified but an everyday driver. all the ones i have seen are basically done. big engines, fat tires, chopped or no top. and way to much money. i am looking for one out of the rusty rides section but cheap and drivable. i dont care about paint, or upholstery, well i do but you know what i mean. my question is does anyone have any ideas for searching for something like that? any help would be great. thanks bones.
posted: July 28, 2008
  Answers (4)
If your set on a '32 you'll have to be patient to wait for the right project. Keep watching the classifieds, there are a few '34's, are you looking locally?

There may be a few junkyards you cuould check too.
posted:  July 28, 2008
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It looks like you are from Florida...have you checked out Old Gold Cars & Parts in Old Town, FL.? The have a pretty big salvage yard and you might be able to find what you are looking for there. But like jswashington said, "you'll have to be patient" to find the right truck you're looking for. But then again, the hunt is half the fun.

Speaking of patience, it looks like Old Gold Cars is closed for the summer and won't reopen til Nov. Here is a link to their website though for you to check out www.oldgoldcars.com/

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.
posted:  July 28, 2008
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I believe their are some outfits that are restamping 32 bodies. In my most recent issue of Hot Rod, last few pages near the back I recall seeing an ad for restamped bodies....
posted:  July 29, 2008
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you don't say where your located. but try Bill Napoli at Motion unlimited antique&;classic auto truck&;motorcycles he is in Rapid city South Dakota phone is 605 348 7373 i believe he also has a Web site. if he doesn't have what you want he could probably find one or assist in searching he deals nation wide and buys and sells vehicles as well as has a museum.
posted:  October 16, 2008
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