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Can anyone help me with "decoding" a broadcast sheet?
I recently purchased a 1967 Barracuda. The broadcast sheet was with it.
I'l like to find what each of the values for the different codes mean.
The car is in almost perfect condition, original engine, as far as we can tell the numbers all match. It needs to be painted back the original color. Its a great car. I am just having a tough time finding the production code information.
posted: June 13, 2008
  Answers (6)
Can you scan your buildsheet and post a photo of it, may be able to help you with the codes. Other than that, I think their is a report you can order through Galin Govier, not sure of the site but do a search on it.
posted:  June 13, 2008
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I tried to take a picture of the broadcast sheet - it doesn't work out good enough to read the values in the boxes. The top line I can figure out - its basically the information from the VIN etc. Plus shipping information and Paint codes.
The second line has a Trim code of H6T - I can't find this code anywhere. Other codes on the sheet - the boxes have numbers and under those are values - the values are what I want to decode. For instance the box that says console also says 486 - the value printed in that is 6; what would a 6 mean?
Also when I bought the car in the paper work is a broadcast sheet for another car - different VIN; is there a place to list this in case someone has the car and might want the broadcast sheet?
posted:  June 14, 2008
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It is so difficult to decode things without looking at and studying the various columns, fields, etc. With Plymouth, I am not sure how many plants they had in 1967 producing cars and I doubt plants would use different codes and specs but you never know? Did you check into the Govier report?
posted:  June 16, 2008
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Not yet, I ordered the white books, but just found out the one I need is on backorder. I may be checking into the Govier reports. Thanks.
posted:  June 16, 2008
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Did you find the answer to your trim code question? I have a 1967 Barracuda with the same trim code- H6T. Bought mine in 1974 and have been driving it ever since. I'm about to do an interior restoration.
posted:  May 30, 2010
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Yes - It refers to the gold interior -- I have not changed the interior back to the original interior yet. BUT the gold interior is avialable and (OF COURSE) its the most expsensive color. There are places that even carry new old stock.

Would love to see a picture when your car is done. Hoping to get back to mine and get it done soon. Been putting all our money into our house. Always a project going on around here.
posted:  May 30, 2010
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