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Wheel Alignment specifications for a 1972 Nova
I own a 1972 Nova with a 350 she is a SS. I have owned her now for 32 years and I am putting four new tires on her come weds morning and want to reset the alignment so she does not destroy them. Does anyone know the caster/camber and toe specifications?
posted: December 29, 2008
  Answers (5)
I would think an experienced wheel and tire shop should be able to put it on the alignment machine and get her near perfect? However, I will look through some of my manuals and see if they list that.

Are you doing the tires yourself?
posted:  December 29, 2008
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Yes, Long ago I bought my own portable alignment eqipment. I used to also do repairs on the side including alignments. The shop here uses an old fashioned magnetic gauge and toe bar like me but they most likely did not have the specs when they did it last for they adjusted my camber 1 degree negative and caster was a full degree positive and toe was more than a 1/8 and trhe Nova handled badly and started to rip up the outer shoulders. I put my equipment and set her for 0 camber and 1 1/2 negative caster and 1/8 toe in. But the front tires took a beating and after I get her new tires come weds and they set the alignment I will once again follow up and this time I want the proper specs for i just cannot recall them and I lost my chiltons when I moved to NM from NY
posted:  December 29, 2008
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Stock Tires for 1972 Nova: E78-14 standard (195/75-14)

Camber Range (deg) - 0.25N to 0.75P
Camber Preferred (deg) - 0.25P
Caster Range (deg) - 0 to 1P
Caster Preferred (deg) - 0.5P
Toe-In (in) - 0.125 to 0.25
Steering Axis Inclination (deg) - 8.25 to 9.75

sources: http://www.2quicknovas.com/align.html
posted:  December 30, 2008
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Thank you Brotino9. I appreciate the info. Tomorrow she goes in for 4 new tires and I need to check the alignment and really wanted to have the correct settings.
posted:  December 30, 2008
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Well guys I took her in for the tires and it was 7:50 am and it took them till after 11 am to finish it. Well as I drove home I heard noise coming from my rear from the 60's and she devceloped a severe pull to the right she made right hand turns without my help. When I got home I found the wheel weights were not on right and were popped out on the ends and were hitting the shock mount on the spring saddle and so I fixed it. ""I have 60 series tires in back on 8 inch wide centerlines. I quickly threw my alignment turntables under her front wheels and then put on my magnetic caster camber gauge on and took some readings and found my right front was two degrees neg caster and left front was 1 positive. I reset it and now she handles fine. I intend to go over the alignment again on Friday to make sure all is set better, I had no real time today to do that. It was a quick look and set to try to elimnate the pull and I did just that.
posted:  December 31, 2008
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