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Restoring 59 Plymouth. Mechanic fixed locking drums, but says no way to adjust. How adjust?
Restoring '59 Plymouth. First mechanic I went to couldn't solve locking
of drum brakes. Second mechanic solved problem (by turning drums) but claims he
can't locate way to adjust, so that I need to press brake pedal virtually to
the floor to stop, and only gets a bit better on second pump (first mechanic had said brakes do not self-adjust, but said there was a way to adjust). Because many mechanics simply will not work on drum brakes,I can't easilty just "go on down the road" to next mechanic. There must be
a way to manually adjust '59 Mopar drum brakes (correct?). Where should I tell present
mechanic to look? Present mechanic is a "brake specialist," but may not be familiar with older vehicles. Any help will be greatly appreciated (been working on brake problems on this car for months -- getting frustating). Thanks.
posted: March 16, 2008
  Answers (2)
If you do find out the right answer will you please post it here. I am having a similar problem with my resto.
posted:  March 24, 2008
Here is some information obtained from a Motor Repair Manual for your kind of Hydraulic Brakes. Sorry the pictures are so small, hopefully you can read it. The adjusting cams are located on the back of the braking plate.

Steps According to the Motor Repair Manual.
1.) Jack up car.
2.) Check master cylinder push rod adjustment, allowing at least 1/32 inch clearance between end of rod and master cylinder piston.
3.) Expand Brake shoes by turning adjusting cams (FIG 28). Spin the wheel while turning the adjusting cam in the proper direction until a heavy drag is reached, then back the cam off gradually in the opposite direction until the wheel turn freely.
4.) Make this adjustment at each brake shoe at both front wheels.
posted:  March 26, 2008
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