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Classic Car Insurance??
I would like to hear recommendations or comments of a good place to get classic car insurance that will let me commute - not only use the car for shows. I'd like to hear not to use too if anyone has had a bad experience.
posted: April 1, 2008
  Answers (6)
I use Hagerty at Hagerty .com . I use the car to drive to shows and nice days you just have to keep inside and have another vehicle. Rates are very good.
posted:  April 2, 2008
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in canada we use silver wheels http://www.lant-ins.ca/,
posted:  April 13, 2008
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Try Grundy, I have four of my classics insured with them ,and have for over ten years,in fact most of the guys ,and gals in the two car clubs I belong to have their vehicles insured with Grundy.
posted:  December 1, 2008
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I have my 1966 Cadillac insured with Condon & Skelly Insurance. My friend Dan and his wife also have a 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury convertible insured with them also. I am required to keep the car in a garage and am limited to 2500 miles a year, but I have full coverage And ZERO deductible for $77 a year!

Condon & Skelly is a part of the MetLife group.
posted:  November 7, 2009
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I forgot to mention that you may drive the car to work on occasion, but the classic car cannot be used as your everyday vehicle. So if you want to drive it on a nice day, to show off to your co-workers, or you're going to a car show after work, that is allowed. Just keep it under the mileage limit established on your policy.
sources: Agent P.C. Drouin of Three Rivers Insurance Group (260) 637-8728 www.trig.com
posted:  December 14, 2009
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I realize your question is quite old and hopefully you have found a good insurance company. However, if you still own this classic car and are shopping around, I have a good company that I think you would be very pleased with. I'm an insurance agent and I sell collector policies through American Collectors. They do have different mileage plans, wonderful coverage and great prices. Send me an email if you or a friend are interested.
Liz Smith
[email protected]
sources: American Collectors
posted:  December 27, 2013
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