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What does it mean when a car is classified as a 'Clone'?
posted: April 10, 2008
  Answers (5)
here is a website for you to check out...hope it helps
sources: http://www.mdwholesale.com/Car_cloning.html
posted:  April 10, 2008
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A clone is when you take a standard, base model car and add options and equipment to make it into a copy of a rare, original muscle cars using the same options such as trim, decals, hood scoops, and motor that the higher optioned cars had originally from the factory. In some cases, the cars look exactly like their muscle car replicas, but are less valuable because they are not authentic. Clones are a great way to own their more expensive counterparts and there is nothing wrong with making a clone as long as the owner does not try to sell it or pass it off as an original, authentic muscle car.

If you are thinking about buying a classic car, verify the VIN numbers to make sure that you are indeed buying an authentic car and not a clone.
posted:  April 10, 2008
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A "clone" means that someone dressed up one model to appear to be another model. Fof example dress up a 1965/66 Mustang to appear to be a GT model. Or dress up a Pontiac Tempess to appear to be a GTO.
posted:  April 11, 2008
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Their are alot of models which it is very difficult to determine if someone has cloned it into a more desirable model, you really need to know your stuff! Some makes like Pontiac, Dodge and Mustangs offer various inspection reports you can order. If the car you are looking at is a big ticket item, order the report!
posted:  April 15, 2008
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A clone is just a car uprgrded to look like a higher model, you can do this with new paint, different wheels, different motor etc., some companies also offer fiberglass shells, if you find a rare buy at a cheap price, have certified proffesionles look it over, or if your smart enogh, by a book and check it out yourself, my dad had to do that when considering buying a 72 camaro in mint condition for $10,000, it turned out to be a clone, it can be a real thorn in the side if you deside to resale a clone, its a big a$$ fine for misadvertisement.
posted:  May 28, 2008
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