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Just getting started with 46 Olds and have a few questions:
Ok, so I recently acquired a 46 Olds 66 Club Coupe with a flathead 6. Drive train is complete and together but hasn't been turned over in who knows how many years/decades. The body needs a lot of work (which I am excited about and have already started). My questions are:

1) With the high cost of the rebuild kit for the motor (1300 bucks), plus the cost of machining the valve seats for unleaded fuel, would this particular model engine be worth restoring? I'm not really looking for resale value (the car is well on its way to being a rat since the body had its fair share of rust), I am just looking for building budget - to be more specific, are there many of these motors that I can find cheaper than the rebuild kit to drop in there that have already been machined, or should I just put it to the side until I can afford to rebuild and machine it and concentrate on a small block V8 and transmission (which are a dime a dozen these days)?

2) Does anyone have any suggestions on a company that sells aftermarket radiators for 40's era GM cars?

I'm sure I will have a ton of questions down the road, but any help for now is greatly appreciated.

posted: January 6, 2010
  Answers (3)
I guess the question is, would you rather have an original motor? or something else? What's it worth and mean to you?

Check out www.fusick.com for Oldsmobile parts
posted:  January 6, 2010
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Like Hot Lips said , how badly do you want a org motor. I had a 47 olds torpedo back and it was org and drove fine on the hyway and wasnt too bad on fuel. And besides my friend if you want that drive train in it, remember there are guys out there that might have already pulled a good motor out and have it sitting in the corner of their shop hoping someone wants it!! and willing to sell it for alot less than a rebuild kit and some might have been rebuilt themselves and there is alot of speed equipment out there that would make that rat rod alot kooler than another S.B. motor ......Just my thoughts..Right or Wrong
posted:  January 8, 2010
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I've just puirchesed a 1946 olds 66 modle my self and I'm going with a1975 455 cid Olds engine and 400 trans hooked up to 9" ford rear end. The
body is the from 1942 thru 1948 and will interchange pontiac and chevy areo sedan of the same years. hoods and front clips will not exchange becase of styleing and body leatgh. Chevy and Pontiac has 114" whell base OLds whell base is 119". If you the back window it is available new,also replacement floor pans can be bought through a company called "Chevys of the 40's" Look em up on the internet.
posted:  January 27, 2011
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