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1967 Deville 429 engine had rust in gas tank
Changed fuel pump, lines had tank boiled out still can't get gas up from tank so car will run, pour gas in carb car will until gas gone,have rechecked everything twice I'm pulling what little hair i have left out, any ideas please help
posted: July 28, 2010
  Answers (3)
First, I would take another look at the fuel pump and lines. I had the pump replaced on my 1966 DeVille due to the old one pushing fuel back into the tank when the car sat. I had to use starting fluid each time to get mine to start. Since you mentioned rust in the tank, you might have to have it checked to make sure some rust flakes did not get in the line, blocking the flow of gasoline.

Is your fuel gauge working? You might also want to make sure the float is able to move freely. I hope this helps, and that you don't have to replace the tank.
sources: Houser Automotive, Huntertown, IN (260) 637-3791
posted:  August 1, 2010
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I had this issue as well. The fuel line was clogged. Disconnect the lines front and back and blow air back towards the tank. It should flow freely. If it does not this is your issue. If it does check your carb to see if it has a brass filter at the carb It will be a large nut thast the fuel inlet screws into remove that and the brass filter is behind it. If that is not it you may have a stuck float needle in the carb. Remove the top of the carb and free the needle.

Hope this helps.

posted:  August 8, 2010
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you have gotten all great answers ! and you need to do it all and also do it twice ( like blow out the gas lines both ways. and especially the curved line going into the carbuator into that filter ! but! after doing all of that ! I went to the neighborhood auto parts store and bought me one of those cheap --inline--electric fuel pumps --$30 + back then -- and never again did I have a problem -- TURN ON KEY ! CLICK CLICK CLICK OF THE PUMP ! AND STARTED RIGHT UP ! ENJOY YOUR CADDIE ! I MISS MINE ! IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE NEEDING A 429 ENGINE ? MINE HAS 83,000 MILES ( NOT RUNNING --JUST SITTING NEXT TO THE BARN ) FOR THE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION TOGETHER $500.00 , WELL , GOOD LUCK !! Mike in FLorida
posted:  May 30, 2011
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