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Has anyone heard of Mike Callahan from Canada?
He wants to purchase my truck. I am an individual not a dealer, Mr. Callahan, whom I've only talked with via e-mail, wants me to send my address so he can send me a check. He finally sent his phone #, but I am unable to reach him at this time. He said that when he received the info from me he would start the check process. Then when I received the check and it cleared, he would have his agent/shipper contact me about pickup. I just want to make sure this is not a scam. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Gordon Harris
posted: September 7, 2010
  Answers (2)
Never heard of the guy, but before you proceed any further I would definitely talk to the guy over the phone. Another trick you can use is to search the guys email address and phone number using google or yahoo to see if anything comes up that might seem suspicious. Another thing to look out for with scams and such is that the person usually tries to send you more money than what you are asking for. Stay away from those creeps.
posted:  September 7, 2010
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Each and every transaction that takes place online should be approached with caution by both buyers and sellers. If at anytime you don't feel comfortable with any set of details that the buyer or seller is asking, you do not have to comply.

Many of our members who have listed their vehicles on OldRide have sold vehicles outside of the country before, and it is becoming more common for Classic Cars to be shipped overseas or across the borders. Also, if you consider shipping out of the country, you should check with Customs about what items other countries will accept from the US and their shipping policies.

Just be aware, anytime there is extra money they want you to send it is most likely a scam. I would not send any money or exchange any info with anyone that is asking you to refund extra money. Also it can take several days for funds to clear, so be sure your bank verifies that everything has cleared or calls and verifies the check with the issuing bank. Wait for funds to clear before you send out any merchandise.

Remember, buyers may be just as apprehensive as you when it comes to sending out money to unknown sellers so always stay in constant contact with your buyer to inform them of the progress.

Thanks for your inquiry and if you have any further questions or would like to verify a potential buyer, please contact OldRide at [email protected] and make sure to forward any email correspondence between you and the buyer.
sources: www.oldride.com/scams.html
posted:  September 7, 2010
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