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how to get brake drum off a 53 bel air
This car has been sitting for quite a while , I just rescued it from a horse farm. The rear wheels seem to be seized up , our only assumptions were that it was stuck in gear , the diff was locked up . Or the rear brake is seized. Took the drive shaft loose from the trans to see if it was the trany or the rear. only the rear driver side wheel turned wich leads me to believe that the rear brake might be seized up. But Im having a hell of a time getting the drum off , I noticed that there are two holes on the outside of the drum . they appear to be holes for a pulling tool. Does anyone have any answers for me , Id really like to get this thing inside befor winter hits. Thanks alot for anyone who can help.
posted: October 13, 2008
  Answers (2)
Their is one magic potion, heat! Take a torch or even a plumbers welder torch and heat up the drum which is stuck. With the torch five minutes or so should be sufficient, with the smaller torch you will need more time, and don't be afraid to get it to hot, just keep going around and around the drum!

After you have heated up the drum give it a couple of good smacks with a sledge and you will be rolling in no time!
sources: Knowledge afters years of dealing with frozen brake drums myself!
posted:  October 13, 2008
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Make sure you have backed off the brake shoes with a the brake adjusting tool ( spoon) so the drum spins freely with no drag or restricitions before proceeding with horrblehoog's advice
posted:  October 26, 2008
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