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Can anyone decode 466675x104764 1965 Buick wildcat convertable
What i want to know is what is actually supposed to be in the car, like engine size, single or twin carbs, manual or automatic transmission, column shift or console shift, tach, AC, power top, windows, seat adjusters, antenna, PB, PS, tilt, Posi, dual exhaust, any other optional or unique features.
posted: April 22, 2008
  Answers (3)

4 = Buick Motor Division
6667 = Wildcat Custom Series 46600 (top of the line Wildcat)
5 = 1965
X = Built in Fairfax, Kansas
104764 = Production Number for corresponding plant

I don’t think at this time there are any sources for finding out what exactly that particular Buick left the factory with. In some rare cases you may find a build sheet which could be under the rear seat, in the glove box or under the gas tank. You may also want to look at your trim tag or data plate. In some cases the factory stamped ACC codes which were put into the car.
posted:  April 22, 2008
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I think I can help out a little about specifics. As previously stated 4=Buick, 66=Wildcat custom, 64 would be a regular wildcat,X= Kansas City (Fairfax is a sub). the car should have... Power radio antena, AC Electric seats, power windows, Power assist brakes and steering, Tilt wheel. Option Power vaccum trunk assist, Power top. My book shows wildcat did not have posi. It is an option for the riviera. It had several motor options ... If you send me a picture of the motor I can tell you which one it is. The most popular was a 425. Here is my advise. Look on the internet for the BEST BUICK BOOK ever made for your car... It is called... 1965 BUICK CHASSIS SERVICE MANUAL ALL SERIES 1st edition. I have one for my 67 wC and it tells me every option and shows me every screw,nut and bolt used and location in taking the car apart. And what tools are needed. I bought the book on eBay for about 30.00. Great Buy. Good Luck Chuck [email protected]
sources: Origional Factory Buick Service Manual
posted:  April 26, 2008
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Prior posters did good job answering based on VIN. Need data tag for possibly some more info. Need eng # to determine size and 1 or 2 carbs.
posted:  February 21, 2009
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