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What's Best on Gas?
I'm looking for a car, got 5,000 to spend, or looking to finance. I'm torn between getting something I
love (72 or older muscle)but i know gas will be a problem. I could get a newer car thats good on gas to save me alot of money but look wise im not interested in newer cars. I don't know a whole lot about cars, i just know i love the sound and look of older cars since i was a little kid. So i was hoping someone would know a few cars that was better on gas or how much itll probably cost me to fill the tank of the car of my dreams, say for an old 72 Nova, or pontiac. any help would be appreciated, thanks. -rachel
posted: April 28, 2008
  Answers (2)
Well I am biased to the Pontiac's, I think one great classic car is the 63 Tempest. They are fairly good looking cars, not to small, not to big and most of them have a 4cyl. automatic in them so they are good on fuel economy.

Another option is the early Mustang's (I'm not a Ford fan) which had a 6cyl.

With a little looking you can find a 62-63 Tempest for about what you are looking to spend.
posted:  April 30, 2008
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You mention cars but have you looked at any classic trucks? You can always find nice old originals for close to your budget (not restored) and most of the early ones (47-55) came with fairly fuel efficent 6cyls.

Their is pro's and con's to an old car however, longer trips are typically better suited for newer cars. Like I always tell my wife though, with an old truck you can drive it back and forth to town, not feel bad about the mileage, its paid for and best of all, its going up in value rather than down!
posted:  May 5, 2008
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