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What is normal cost to enter a car show?
I am thinking of doing a car show and just wanting to get a average cost to enter show cars into a show. It would be a fund raiser for a local High School. Any and all information would be great.
posted: November 29, 2008
  Answers (4)
You could go about this a number of different ways. One way would be to not charge at all, then ask the local community members and businesses to help in sponsoring the event. You will most likely see a larger attendance of cars and turnout this way, but it would require you to put on your salesmen hat, take a percentage of the donations to cover the costs of the show and the rest to the high school, just be sure to disclose the percentage to all involved!

Another option would be to simply ask for a donation from each entrant. Some may give you 1.00 and others may hand over 20.00 or more.

Or just come up with a base participant fee, something in the neighborhood of 10 to 20 dollars. Shows are allot of work to put on, be sure to make it fun for both the people bringing down their cars and the people coming in to view them!
posted:  November 30, 2008
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I agree with Spudder,I have done two ,and it is a lot of work.
Three things ,get the word out early,try to get an oldies band to donate a few hours of play time,and last but not least.......................HAVE PORTA POTTIES AVAILABLE !!!
posted:  December 1, 2008
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We have car shows every year. The way we promote it is to pass out flyer's at all other show's every week. Hold your show until end of August which will give you more time to promote your show. Pick a local restaurant who have ample parking and get him to donate the T Shirts maybe for the first 50 cars. We don't do trophy's we give away a small wall plaque. Best of show nd place thats all. The restaurant would also pay for these. Our first show we had about 100 cars. We also do the 50/50. Get all business to donate in your area. Just ask for $10.00 per business most will give $25.00 10 business $250.00. 100 cars no charge but a donation $5.00 per car $500.00. We also put nuts and bolts into a large jar and get people to guess the amount. Door prizes can be from your friends items they have won in the past they have no need for. And so on Contact all car company's for give aways Maguires will send a couple of cases of sample polishes. Local auto parts store will donate a door prize. Also wait until all cars are parked and all the old timers are seated in there groups and shooting the bull this way when one guy donates everyone else will dig into there pockets. You have a lot of work ahead of you Good Luck.
posted:  December 3, 2008
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Putting on a car show is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun, too. I am the president of a small club here in Fort Wayne, IN and the main show that we have is in mid September, and we start the planning, getting donations, etc. in January. We are lucky that we have ours at a Penguin Point so the food and rest room issue is taken care of. I should point out that the owners of the Penguin Point have been wonderful to us. Our show raises money for a local charity and we keep a percentage to cover our expenses. We usually charge a $10 entry fee and everyone gets to draw for a door prize....we're known for having some unique door prizes and everyone has a great time. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me via this website.
sources: Northern Indiana Convertible Club
posted:  December 14, 2009
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