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Old Car - tarp or untarped
Hi Everyone,

I have an old car and do not have a garage or shop to store it yet. I was wondering if it would be better to put a tarp or heavy cover over it, or would that trap in more moisture? We have a lot of rain and some snow mix during the winter.
posted: February 3, 2008
  Answers (5)
A heavy tarp would more than likely trap in moisture. Is the car going to sit for a long time? Years or over the winter? I have put in dryer sheets in my old cars to keep mice out of them and so far it seems to work. If the body is finished, a good coat of wax is in order. Good luck. Mark
posted:  February 4, 2008
Depending on the length of time the car sits outside street454 is right, a heavy tarp is simply going to trap in water and the car may rust faster. If the car is not going to sit outside for a long time make sure water cannot get inside and sit in the floor boards, also place a couple of containers of cat litter, dri-eze or other moisture absorbent inside.

Use plenty of Decon as well...
posted:  February 4, 2008
do not use one of those blue plastic tarps like you get from the hardware store under any circumstances. I learned the hard way.
posted:  February 23, 2008
Speed and auto parts stores carry many different types of car covers. For out side use obtain a more expensive one for better air ventilation and moisture protection. A less expensive one for inside use. Another way to keep mice out of your car during long storage periods is put moth balls in clam bags and place them in the car, under the seats, under the dash, in the glove compartment, in engine compartment and the trunk. Be sure to leave the tail of the bag out in the open so you can readly find them when you are ready to use the car Clam bags can be bought in supermarkets in the fish dept.
sources: Years of experience
posted:  February 29, 2008
if you have a place to put up one of those portable grages for about $300.oo it will keep the snow off
posted:  January 19, 2009
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