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Has anyone bought a car off of Harwell motors in Texas?
Just wondering if anyone has purchased anything from these guys? They are on E-bay and have their own website. Thanks!!
posted: May 24, 2010
  Answers (30)
I haven't, but have you tried to google them to see what comes up?
posted:  May 26, 2010
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I bought a car from them and have been to their place several times. I was very pleased with the deal and they were great to deal with. No complaints what so ever. They had prob 100 muscle cars, was really cool just to look around.
posted:  June 14, 2010
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Since 2005, I have bought four old muscle cars from Harwell Motor Co.; a 1967 sport satellite, 1970 Roadrunner, 1970 Challenger T/A, and a1970 Challenger Convertible.
I also sold the 1970 Roadrunner back after a year. All the transactions were super. The quality of the cars was excellent and better than advertised. Harwell's prices are always better for the same quality car on other sites.
posted:  June 14, 2010
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My husband and I live about a hour away and love just visiting the showroom, they have so many nice cars! We went down one day and fell in love with a Camaro and everyone in their office was so helpful. They directed us towards financing and someone to deliver it for us. All around a great experience, they are very knowledgeable and I would definantly recommend them.
posted:  June 14, 2010
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posted:  June 29, 2010
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I bought two 1969 camaros from John at Harwell Motor Company. The first was when I was deployed overseas and they found me a rust free texas car. The transasction was smooth and they had it ready when I got home. The second was my 1969 camaro convertible, a car I searched for years to find the right one. John located me one quickly and gave me a very fair price. They seem to get a lot of cars in every week and I am always checking their website so see whats new. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a particular car.
posted:  July 9, 2010
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My name is kyle bunker I poseted a detailed description on them on harwellmotors scams. If you have already baught a car from them take your car to a restoration shop and a state inspection shop to list all unsafe acts. If you happen to be many of us then contact me to be added to the list of a law suit. Good luck and I hope you did not buy from them. Please look at harwellmotors scams
posted:  January 4, 2011
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I have posted the issues that I have come across with Harwell Motors. However John specificly has contacted me and has made an agreement to help my situation. We have made this deal on the phone on 23 Wed 2011. If the actions are taken as he has expressed that he truely cares about his customer satisfaction then I will update you with hopefully a posotive response.
posted:  February 25, 2011
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I recently bought a 1966 Mustang fastback from Harwell motors and the guys were very friendly and accommodating. I did not have all of the information they needed on my trade, my grandpas 1956 rusty old chevy, but I sent them a few photos of my old truck and they took it on trade, and to my surprise, they gave me a really great price - they called it a rat rod truck and said a lot of folks want those old rusty trucks, just like they sit.

Anyhow, talk to Donnie or John. Those guys made every effort to disclose all issues with the car and wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was buying. The paint wasnt perfect and there was some rust bubbles in the bottom of the door skins but they make sure I understood this was not a restored car.

After dealing with the guys at harwell, I would recommend them to anyone. They are very honest, and unlike most other dealers, they tell you any and everything that they can find wrong with the car. I mean if your buying a 30-40 year old car that has not been restored, do you think it would be perfect? Of course not! Thanks for being honest!
posted:  March 15, 2011
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My wife and I are into the muscle cars from our youth. Harwell Motors has vintage muscle cars and classic cars that really excited us and we've been happy customers for years now. The fellas at Harwell treated us really good and the prices were fair. After getting our kicks in a muscle car for year or so we sell it and get something new. We've got our money back and more every time, so think that 's a good indicator the prices at Harwell are fair.
posted:  March 15, 2011
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I bought a car from them in Dec 2010...... I have in writing that they would fix all the oil leaks, the rubbing problem from the front springs, the headliner. I had to spend over $2000, after driving it from Sherman to Dallas! Their standard answer is "you know it is a 40 year old car". I didnt even make it home......oil was pouring out of the car. The flywheel and starter were all jacked up...... because the starter only had one bolt in it....... the other mount had been broke off. You would have though that they would have seen that when they replaced the oil pan gasket before I picked the car up. I called and both Donnie and John said it wasn't their problem. They told me that if I drove the car up there they would charge me labor to fix it. When I had it towed to the shop that I do all my work for my other cars, we found that it also didn't have the motor mounts connected to the block. Also all the bolts that held the rear axle to the leaf spring were just standard hardware store crap.... not even designed for car use. Harwells idea of fixing the spring was putting spacers in between ever coil but one. I had the valve cover seals replaced too at this point for the second time.

Two weeks later...... leaks again. Took it back to the shop. NO BAFFLE or PCV system which vortec heads need and had blown all the seals again. Donnie told me to bring it back to Sherman and he'd have the cover drilled for a vent. I said no thanks, because that would not fix the problem. So I bought the correct covers to the tune of $195, more labor, another set of seals. NOW the rear main is leaking because of the pressure in the system.

This is the short abbreviated, because I have left out all the conversations that we had due to time and space on this website. BOTTOM LINE is RUN not walk from anything they sell!! The guys that they have working in the shop either don't know what they are doing.... or they dont care.
posted:  April 2, 2011
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Yes, and it was the worst car buying decision I have ever made! They sold me a lemon! Your better off buying off buying on eBay from a seller with a low rating. My car had tons of problems and they wouldn't ever return my calls.
posted:  April 19, 2011
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Yes I purchased a " classic car " from them this year. Paid a lot for this vehicle and I am very disappointed to this point.

The more I look the worse this car gets, tons of rot & rust.

From what I thought would just be a TLC car is becoming a major restoration. I will have 25,000 in this by the time I am done easily.
posted:  April 25, 2011
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i just bought a $30,000 ,70 chevelle ss 454 big block , they claimed the car was show quality , i just received it 2 days ago , i was so upset , all the posted pics was retouch ,or photoshoped ,i couldn't beleive my eyes !!!!!!!!!!
this is a $1500 paint job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
worst car i ever bought !!! mike answer me that the car is hot and i won't have any problem to sell it on ebay !!
i'm asking for my money back ,full refund !! i dont want this junk in my garage !!! the color looks completely different,that the one in the pictures !! horrriiibbbllleee color and paint job !!
rear tray is completely ript ,crack and damage , all the glasses are damaged and scratched ,crack in the driver headrest ,dash been respray with a high gloss can ,horrible !!!!!!!
same for the wheels ,same for everythig about this car !!!not one good thing about this car !!!!!!!!!!!!
dont ever buy a car over there !!!!!!!!!!!!!
please go on their web site , my car still on it ,look at it , who will not beleive this a barrett jackson quality car ??!!
total junk !!!!!!!!!!!
this is a $14000 to $17000 car maximum !!! that they sold me at $30,000 pure scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
look at those pics i posted ,i swear to god ,the car looks nothing notjing absolutely nothing like it !!!!!!!!
sources: i've been in contact with mike at harwell motors
posted:  June 2, 2011
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Hey guys & gals. I understand everyone's frustration buying a car from dealers... This is not a solution but consider it an insurance policy... Never take anyone's word about the condition of a vehicle...pay an independent inspector to inspect the car for you.... At most, it shouldn't be a few hundred bucks for it.... I can never understand why someone would pay thousands for a vehicle. Without having it checked out first... I don't know...but it works for me...
posted:  June 19, 2011
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I have recently submitted a trade in request through Harwell motors Web site. I gave them the vitals on my car including the VIN. I have not received any communications from them. I am guessing they are a real small organization and not geared to have staff at the ready for the greatest of customer service. My submission was made last weekend. And I am still waiting. Maybe since my offer does not make them any money on the barrel, then my offer is being neglected as a low priority. Or not even going to be considered. I understand both possibilities, They are in it for making money at every deal. Are not we all.
posted:  July 26, 2011
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DO NOT BUY from Harwell unless you want to throw your money away to this crook!!! I bought a car from him a couple of years ago and now have a lawsuit pending. He flat out lied about the car and the internals on the engine. In Texas you can sue for triple damages. (I do not believe in law suits but also don't believe in loosing $40K +to a crook!!!) I've talked with several other people who have been ripped off from this guy and know about a possible class action against them.
I still have the car today because I can't stand to sell it for the fraction of the price it's truely worth. Only buy a vehicle from this guy if you want to walk out to the garage everyday and shed a little tear when you look at your car you spent your hard earned money on!!!!
posted:  August 11, 2011
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DO NOT purchase a vehicle from HARWELL MOTOR COMPANY in Texas. They sold me a vehicle that cost me over $1,000 just to get it on the raod, but that is not the issue that is concerning. They did not tell me that the gas tank leaked so on the first day I had the vehicle in my garage my entire family had to be evacuated at 3:00 AM due to gas fumes. We could not return until approved by the fire dept and gas company. Harwell Agreed to pay for the gas tank repair and then backed out. I have emails confirming they would pay for the repair. The cost was under $400.

The best part is that during one of my conversations with Mike (salesman) he did not hang-up the telephone correctly and I overheard their VERY RUDE and disrespectful conversation regarding this situation. I have never been so disgusted with any company or person in my life like I am with HARWELL MOTOR COMPANY and DON the General manager which is total piece of "work". The disrespect and poor character of the individuals should give you a good idea of how the company is run.
posted:  October 20, 2011
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I just purchased a 67 Mustang last weekend. My choices were between Harwell Motors (Sherman, TX) or Accel Auto Group (Denton, TX). I first looked at Harwell to view the 67Coupe they're currently selling on Ebay for a whopping $11,999. I have attached the photo. I drove there from Houston to see the car last weekend. I called ahead and asked all kinds of obvious questions about the condition of the 67' to make sure I didn't waste my time. I was basically told what I wanted to hear.
I drove up there and met with Mike (salesman) to test drive the Mustang. There were a lot of imperfections for the price of that car. One big problem was they are advertizing an 8" rear and that seemed non existent. With my wife and me in the front seats (about 275 lbs. total) any small bump or hump in the road was rubbing on the big ass tires they put on there. However, even with small tires it would've done the same. Also, the blower did not work, etc. After all of the "obvious" problems we noticed. I asked if they would fix all of the problems before I bought it. I also stated that the price needs to come way down. They were reluctant to agree to fix anything and barely budged on the price.
My favorite thing has to be that every question I asked was answered with a, "We don't know anything about this car really." or "I don't know" or "We basically just buy these cars, wash them, and sell them." So how does Harwell price a car they know nothing about? Needless to say, we went with the other company. I will review them in time but so far so good.
Long story short, they didn't seem trustworthy to my wife and I. Their answers are foggy. They misrepresented the vehicle. They are way over priced. I would try your luck some where else. This is just my personal opinion based on the impression I was given. Mike was a nice guy, I just didn't appreciate the "act". But what do you expect from a car salesman? Good luck on your purchase!
sources: Ebay
Harwell Motors
posted:  October 21, 2011
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Just an update from my dealings with these crook's.
I purchased a car and was told that it just needed a little TLC.

When I got the car I decided to change the belts hoses and fluids, while taking off the radiator hoses I notices tie wraps at the bottom of the radiator. Here the whole radiator was tie wrapped in because the bottom of radiator support was rotted away. So I got further into it.
Pulled the whole fron end off the car at this point.
firewall cowl was rotted beneath both front fenders
frame horn barely hold the steering box in from rot around it
both front backing plates were rotted so bad I had to burn them off
rear rails that hold the gas tank in are rotted
frame rail driverside at the rear wheel opening is cracked half way around it (needs to have plates welded to support it.
and I was told the frame has a little surface rust !!!!

I have totally rebuilt the whold front end now
upper & lower ball joints
control arm bushings(they were gone on 1 side)
inner & outer tie rods
center link
idler arm
inner fender wells
new carb & intake (I was told this car was traded in and the guy drove it over 3 hours) this can wouldnt even run when I got it.

so after spending 9500.00 on the car and another 3000 so far you can say I am not happy at all.
and I am not even 1/2 done
posted:  November 19, 2011
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Update on Accel Auto Group.
Thought I'd post here since Accel Auto Group and Harwell Motors are friends and have worked together in the past. In my opinion, I think both companies are very similar. I purchased a 67' Mustang Coupe from Brandon at Accel Auto Group in Denton, TX 5 weeks ago. Thus far I have had to fix a lot of wiring issues which weren't mentioned to me until after the purchase. I have had to replace the Voltage Regulator, Headlight Switch, Alternator, etc. Also, prior to delivery I paid Brandon to pay his Mechanic to "fix" the speedometer because it was not working. He replaced the cable and all seemed well until I drove it more than 20 minutes. The speedo cable was installed, however it wasn't routed correctly nor was it lubed or greased correctly, hence why it does not work again. Some Mechanic, huh? There are carberater issues, transmission issues, etc. When all is fixed I will be out a couple thousand more. And I'm not going to get into the "A/C Issue". Just notice that most of his car ads will say," Has A/C, just needs to be hooked up." You can figure that one out. Also, do not expect Brandon to know any history about the car, for most of his answers to questions are, "I don't know." I know it is typical to have some unknowns and problems with old cars, however for the price I paid these issues should not be occuring.
That being said, the fault is mine because I should of had a professional inspect it before purchase. And Brandon does have good communication, I'll give him that. He did respond to my text and phone calls when I had questions. The thing that bothers me most is not being upfront about the electrical issues, etc. The more I work on the car the more I find what's wrong with it and a lot of things are obvious or at least should be to a seller.
Loooong story short .... Use common sense and have a Professional inspect the vehicle first, unlike I did. You can't trust anyone any more and everyone is out to make a
sources: Accel Auto Group
Denton, TX
posted:  November 22, 2011
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why is harwelllmotors now called classic car liquidators
posted:  December 22, 2011
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They have changed their name to Classic Car Liquidators and changed their to a different Ebay account.
posted:  December 24, 2011
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I just took delivery of a car from Classic Car Liquidators Saturday. They told me that it was imported by a local couple 10 years ago, from Italy and that they had just received the car, washed it, drove it and put it up for sale. No rust, no bondo, runs good.

After receiving the car I believe that the car is exactly as described by Mike at CCL. I have been over the entire car with a magnet and find no rust or bondo. The car runs great after putting gas treatment and new gas in it. The brakes locked up on the second test ride but I do not believe that CCL would have discovered this on a short test ride. Plus, the trunk had a large box with 4 new rotors, 4 caliper rebuild kits, new pads and all new hoses. So, no cost for the brakes to me but a day of my time.

My experience alone - they did a good job of describing the car and sold it to me slightly under market price.
posted:  February 29, 2012
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oh man let me tell you how Accel Auto in Denton Tx screwed me. i found an ad on ebay for a 72 chevelle ss clone "that needs paint and bodywork for an excellent 72 chevelle!" i contacted brandon remley before the purchase to ask about the condition of the car. told him if i bought it i might fly into dallas and drive it back home. he said that wouldnt be a problem but the car is old and thus recommended a tune up. decided to pay to have the car delivered. the delivery guy cant get the car to turn over so he rolls it off the truck and says it cranked at the shop in texas. i call brandon and he says "it worked fine, must have been something you did to it" (mind you this is right after its rolled off the truck). the more i dig into the vehicle the more i find wrong.

the speedometer doesnt work, ODO doesnt work (called brandon and he said he told me the ODO "READ" 26,000, not was at 26,000")
alternator is bad and no ezternal regulator installed.
battery it came with was completely dead
electrical wiring of the car is a complete mess. no gauges work at all.
oil pan leaks about a quart a week.
carburetor was rebuilt wrong (double gasket, vaccum leak) and i had to replace
master brake cylinder was bad. i drove the car thinking brandon would tell me about brakes not working (HUGE SAFETY ISSUE), crashed the car into a tree infront of my house.
both rear brake cylinders bleeder valves were rusted in a semi-open position
distributor timing was off, wouldnt idle.
no radiator resevoir overflow jug installed.

so this car "just needing paint and bodywork" has cost me a ton of money and its still not even ideling right. contacted brandon 3 times about problems, all which he replied "must have been something you did". called him about sending me money to help repair to his stated condition and he hungup on me 3 times. BUYER BEWARE!!
posted:  March 3, 2012
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Cubens, sorry to hear that. Your situation sounds much worse than mine. Luckily I have repaired everything, replaced suspension, added power disc brakes, fixed all the wiring issues (had to cause' the wires almost caught fire), etc. After everything was fixed the problems I ran in to were obvious to any salesman. I agree that Brandon at Accel Auto Group (which is just 2 guys in a garage) is not to be trusted. You should post your story on ripoffreport.com so others know what they're getting in to. Best of luck on the repairs and sorry to hear how bad he screwed you.
posted:  March 5, 2012
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I took a huge loss and sold it to a guy locally that works at a bodyshop. id rather cut my losses than keep dumping money into it.
posted:  March 5, 2012
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Bad experience! I sent pix and specs of my car i wanted to trade, they were interested. I drove 2 hours out of my way to show my car, when I got there no one would even come out and look at my car. They said we can't trade for kit cars. They should have told me that before I drove out of my way.
It was a blessing because I went to Ricksrodz in mesquite TX and did business with him instead.
They new it was an AC cobra kit when I sent the info and specs.
posted:  January 26, 2015
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posted:  October 1, 2017
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posted:  September 28, 2018
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