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How rare is a 1933 Chevy Master (Eagle)?
I would like to know how many were built and any other info that anyone might have.What I have seen so far,,the word Rare,seems to come up.
posted: February 18, 2008
  Answers (7)
Do you know the body type? I might be able to give you more information for a specific type. As a whole, there was a little over 450,000 Chevy Master Eagle's produced in 1933. However, the body type is a 4 door Phanetom 5 passenger - there was only 543 produced.
posted:  February 19, 2008
I knew their were quite a few made but I didnt know that many! What model type or body style is your 33?
posted:  February 19, 2008
The car itself is very hard to find, in any condition.Chevy wood frame bodys and all. The standard production was less than the eagle,Source a collector threw old cars weekly in 1975.His estamation was 210 or less of the standard.Eagle had a complete nickle plating on the grill standard was half painted, The hood louvers wre nickle plated on the eagle ,standard painted.Radiator cap was an eagle.Standard nickle with a thin ridge that matched the crank hole cover.Two horns on eagle one on standard.This is 4 door information, I dont know on the 2 door or coupes 1Mine was two tone green .The starter button was under the gas peddle on the standard as well. Good luck on your ride wish I had kept mine. Is it rare? ya. I have seen about 15 4 doors for sale in the last 10 years .
sources: Old cars weekly 1975,a collector provided info from my inquirey.
posted:  March 7, 2008
Yes the model is important I have done some research since I recently received a 1933 3 window sport coupe rumble seat EAGLE from my mom in the family 50+ years. I have learned at least for the 3 window coupe that there is a difference in a EAGLE and a MASTER. The Eagle model was produced only until end of FEB. 33 that is when the standard was introduced and the Eagle with minor changes was re introduced as a Master. So far the only way I have found to tell the difference is that the window channel at the vent is absent on the eagle, the master has the stationary channel the Eagle does not. My ? is how many 3 window sport coupe rumble seat Eagle cars were made? Mine is job 33-578 body f 58 trim 25 paint 132 body tag # found on pas floor board 1ca122278
sources: chevorlet web site for id tag de codeing
posted:  June 25, 2008
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www.autogallery.org.ru/chev1933.htm site reads that the 2-5 passenger sport coupe(rumble seat) 26,691 were built. That is total of all eagle and master. I can write this that your car serial number reads that the car was built december of 1933(12). The first number before the C is the build location, first two numbers after the CA is the build month and the production numbers start from 1001. Unless you forgot the zero after the CA. C is for 1933 and the A is for a master.
posted:  December 6, 2010
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The Eagle name was used on the 1933 chevrolet(master)car made the first 5-6-7?? months of 1933 and then the Master name was used for the finish of the year.The difference of time of productions will dictate which is which. One main thing on the Eagle car was the front door window glass separator/guide from the vent window, moved up and down with the glass where as the master the separtator/guide is stationary like typical cars today. Another way is to look at the the car number tag(VIN) to see if it reads eagle or master. The reason I mention this is to clarify if the car is a Master or Eagle.
posted:  February 28, 2015
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check this site..www.autogallery.org.ru/chev1933.htm
sources: www.autogallery.org.ru/chev1933.htm
posted:  February 28, 2015
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