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International Harvester 1100 - Yr 1976; All Original Parts - what's it worth?
It has 20,000 miles, has been in a shed since probably 1988 and barely used as a farm vehicle before that. Its got all its original parts in and out except for the brakes which were replaced. One owner, it's fallen to me as inheritance. It's sitting in a shed that is starting to get older in OH and each snow adds worry that the truck will start to meet the elements. I live in GA. Transporting the vehicle down here would be upwards of $1,000. I just can't do that not knowing if I'll get it down here and have it sitting here for the next 40 years. Long story short, I'm desperate for information. I've searched online as much as possible and can't locate much information at ALL about what a truck in nearly perfect condition, this year, make and model would be worth. HELP!
posted: July 19, 2008
  Answers (6)
Do you have a picture you can post?
posted:  July 21, 2008
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Photos of the truck in question
posted:  July 21, 2008
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More pictures.
posted:  July 21, 2008
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Unfortunately these old Internationals arent as desirable as the Ford and Chev's, I'm sure someday they will catch up but now this decade. A rust free example should bring 800 to 1500 hundred dollars.
posted:  July 21, 2008
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Thanks for the pics, Chev and Ford may be more collectible but International defenitely has a following. I would suggest pulling it out and cleaning it up first. You will get a lot more if it shows as a 20k mile original running, driving in near perfect condition than it sits.

If your going to keep it and use it a $1000 isnt bad for transport, but if your looking to sell you might want to sell it from its current location if possible and save the shipping cost. Either way, clean it up, take good pictures and wait for the Internatinal seeker to come along. Im sure someone would love to have it!
posted:  July 23, 2008
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By all means, yes..! The other advice was great...Someone Will INDEED be interested...Look, I'm a 1935, and
still have a few years to go ! ! !
Good luck in your future course of action...
posted:  November 14, 2008
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