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Need Help! Having problems with the Power Steering on my Cadillac.
My 1963 Cadillac steers fine on the road, but when the car is idling it is nearly impossible to turn the wheel. What could be the problem?
posted: June 24, 2008
  Answers (4)
When you rev it up, does it turn then? I think that may have a power steering slave cylinder. That may need new seals. Check the belt. That may be loose and slipping under idle. I would go with the belt first. Good luck! Mark
posted:  June 24, 2008
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It sounds like you might have pressure loss which can be caused by a bad relief valve or damaged vanes in the power steering pump. Try a pressure test. It should show that the system is putting out a mimimum of 1000 lbs. per square inch.
posted:  June 25, 2008
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If you haven't any sort of noise (air in system or noisy vanes in the pump) associated with the loss of power assist at idle then the more probable answer is that your pressure relief valve isn't doing it's job, the valve spring or the bore that the valve and spring sits in is wiped out. Do have someone check the pump output pressure because there might also be a problem with the steering gear box internal piston allowing fluid passing the Teflon o-ring seal. Usually when this is happening, you'll leak a really good amount of fluid out the end cover of the gearbox. If you're going for the inexpensive "throw parts at it" I'd replace the power steering pump. Make sure you check that it comes with that pressure relief valve or you can swap over the old one because in most instances it's the bore of the valve and not the valve itself that wears out causing the valve to stick in it's bore.
A1Cardone has a replacement pump for the 6.2L engine at $42.84
posted:  August 24, 2009
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Sorry, I meant the 6.4L engine
posted:  August 24, 2009
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