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How much should I ask for a 1951 Ford Flat Bed Truck?
My father left me a 1951 Ford Flat Bed truck that his brother had bought new. It has always been in our family. It has 60,000 original miles on it. He had the interior redone and had the dark green exterior repainted to white. (Yeah, I know....) I have owned it for 10 years and had the oak bed redone, and paid a mechanic to keep it running and such. The problem is, I can't double clutch, so it has not been driven now for the past 4 years. It has ALWAYS been garaged, and it's an Arizona vehicle. I just think my daddy would roll over in his grave to see this thing sitting in my garage. I am single and the chance of me getting around to doing right by the vehicle is not likely. My question is, I have NO CLUE what this vehicle is worth now that it has not been running in FOREVER. Do I dump MORE money into it, to get it going and sell it, or what exactly do I do?
posted: April 23, 2010
  Answers (3)
Thats depends on what it is , is it a 2 1/2 ton or 5 or more? There are people that would have a use for , wether it would be a shop truck or for parades, but your amount of buyers are lower than if it has been a 1/2 ton, the cabs are the same, the flathead motor is the same as a car or truck.If the truck is in great condition rust wise and if you can get it to run there is a better chance of selling it. If it is not seized and you clean the points and spark plugs and make sure there is power and gas it should run, also change the oil.I my self have had many flatties and some sat for 10 years and I got them running in a day. I hope this is helpfull to you..
posted:  April 23, 2010
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My mom told me it's 1/2 ton and that my Uncle Jake who was the orignial owner of the truck, used it for exactly that.....a truck for his Esso Station back in the 1960's. So do I need a specialty mechanic to do the work you mentioned above?
posted:  April 23, 2010
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Well being a 1/2 ton makes it all worth while..I would get it running if it was my truck,I my self would find a mechanic that knows about a flathead, this usualy is a another owner of one or just an older mechanic.If you went to a local cruise night or a car show, you will find someone. I myself would think the truck as you describe it would be worth any where from 2000 to 5000, but try to get it going. Being it has been 4 years it may just start with some care taken , make sure the battery is good put some fuel in the carb and try it if it jumps to life wether for a few minutes or stays running , you will know at least it will, remember that the fuel in the tank maybe bad at this point so dont run it for long.But I will mention something if you love this truck and wish you could still drive it, there are automatic conversion on the market that with some money can make it fun to cruise in. Hope I am making sence..I love those old trucks and well any flathead..
posted:  April 24, 2010
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