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best way to approach a recent widow about her husbands cars
I cannot buildup the courage to go ask this lady if she is willing to sell some of her husbands parts and cars, I know someone at some point will ask her and I figure why not me. My grandfather always talked about the "Vultures" which swooped in and cleaned out his brother’s estate, he would always say, "their better not be any damm vultures when I pass away".

Now I feel like a vulture!! Anyone have advice on the best way to approach her?????
posted: March 17, 2008
  Answers (3)
I am going thru something similar. The cars around here are dissappearing at an alarming rate. The cars that are left are there because either they are well hidden or are in barns out of site. My problem is I know of 2-3 other guys around here that know about some of these. The one guy low balls the price while the other guy just sort of schmoozes them until they are ready to be bought. Price? Unknown. How long has it been since the lady lost her husband? Be kind, DO NOT PRESSURE! That is something that I need to work on. Treat it like your fishing. Let the person take the hook. All you need to do is reel 'em in. Make sure the price that you give them is not junk price. (unless the car is). Be comfortable. Make the offer, then let her think about it. Give your name and number. Good luck! Let us know how you did. Mark
posted:  March 17, 2008
I need to add this. While there is no feeling like getting a great deal, I also have to sleep at night.
posted:  March 17, 2008
I dont think you should feel bad asking, look at this way. If the person who passed away could see where his treasures are going, do you think they would pick a "Vulture" or a "Good Honest Person"?

Only you know which category you fit into but I really dont see any problems with asking someone or expressing your interests! However, I dont think one would want to do this at the graveside, but then again, only the true "Vulture" would do that!
posted:  March 26, 2008