Upgrading Your Browser

We understand the glory of living in the past, heck that is why we all love classic cars right? But some things are better in the present - like your web browser. By upgrading your browser, you will enjoy cool new features on OldRide that we are excited for you to experience. Plus modern browsers offer good security, support modern web standards and offer a pleasant user experience.

Download a better web browser today! It is free and just takes minutes.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Version 8 or above
Download (free update)

Mozilla Firefox

Download (free)


Download (free)


Download (free)

Google Chrome

Download (free)

While the list above is used to recommend some different options for upgrading your browser, it is not an exhaustive list. We only suggest upgrading so your browser is compliant with current standards and to give you the best and most secure browsing experience.
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