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Detailed Instructions for URL XML Feed Uploads

To successfully use the URL XML Feed upload system please follow the steps below. To ensure accuracy, please double check your XML output file for the required fields below.

Step 1: Login to your Dealer Account using the MyOldRide Account link and click on the "Inventory Tools" link located on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: If your account is not yet setup with an XML upload rule you will need to enable uploads on your account by clicking on the 'Turn Feeds On' button. If you have already created an upload rule you will see the upload details displayed.

Step 3: To create an upload rule, follow the onscreen instructions. A brief description of each screen is outlined below.

  • In the text field provided input the location of your XML feed. The feed should be URL accessible and not behind a firewall or on a private intranet. Be sure to use 'http://' in the start of your URL and close with the XML file.
  • Click the "Test" button, if your XML file was reachable, click "Save Settings".

Step 4: Create the XML file that OldRide will upload and process for your Dealer Account. XML can be auto-generated by certain programs or software and because of the large variation in software support and options it is beyond the scope of this document. Please contact your Software, Network Support or Engineering team to discuss potential options. Provided below is a sample/overview of the fields needed in your XML file.  
Single Vehicle XML Sample
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<category>Classic Cars</category>
<adtitle>1964 Mercury Monterey 390 2dr.</adtitle>
<interior_color>Red / White</interior_color>
<description>Very nice example of a Mercury Monterey. Low mileage</description>

Required - This field indicates the section the listing should be placed in. Possible values are:
Classic Cars - meaning the listing should appear in the Classic Cars Section
Classic Trucks - meaning the listing should appear in the Classic Trucks Section
Sports Cars - meaning the listing should appear in the Sports Cars Section
Late Model - This section encompasses ALL CARS AND TRUCKS 1984 and newer or vehicles NOT YET 22 years old
Motorcycles - meaning the listing should appear in the Motorcycles Section
Boats - meaning the listing should appear in the Boats Section


Required - 50 Characters Max, may be truncated if longer than 50 character - Use Descriptive Titles for better search matching. Example Good: (1969 Dodge Challenger 426 Hemi 4-speed) Example Bad: (This baby really moves with a big motor).

Required - 4 Digit Year - Example Good: (1962) Example Bad: (62)

Required - Please use FULL Make Names - Example Good: (Chevrolet or CHEVROLET) Example Bad: (Chevy or Cad) the system will automatically attempt to find the corresponding OldRide Make ID for this field, if no match is found we will use (Other Makes)

Required - Please use FULL Model Names - Example Good: (Nova or Impala) Example Bad: (Hemi Challenger or Rat Rod T) the system will automatically attempt to find the corresponding OldRide Model ID for this field, if no match is found we will use (Other Model)

Required - up to 10 digit stock number

Optional - Numbers Only Mileage

Optional - Exterior Colors

Optional - Interior Colors


Optional - Engine cylinders valid entries are:
2 - Indicates 2 Cylinders
4 - Indicates 4 Cylinders
6 - Indicates 6 Cylinders
8 - Indicates 8 Cylinders
10 - Indicates 10 Cylinders
12 - Indicates 12 Cylinders
100 - Indicates Other type of Engine

Optional - Transmission type valid entries are:
Manual - Indicates Manual 3 or 4 speed transmission
Automatic - Indicates Automatic Transmission
Other - Indicates Other type of Transmission

Optional - How many vehicle doors valid entries are:
2 - Indicates 2 Door
4 - Indicates 4 Door
5 - Indicates 5 Doors
6 - Indicates 6 Doors or More

Optional - Describes the Title or Registration Status valid entries are:
Clear - Clear open Title or Registration
Salvage - Vehicle has been built from Salvage Material
Other - Other Type of Title or Registration

Required - Example Good: ($18,500.50) Example Bad: ($1850050) - Optional for price is $0.00, if no price is entered or the field contains a $0.00 status OldRide will use the 'Accepting Offers' status.

Optional - Possible Options:
obo - Or Best Offer
firm - Firm on the listed price

Required - 5000 Character Max, may be truncated if longer than 5000 characters. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ANY HTML CHARACTERS IN THIS FIELD. HTML AND CERTAIN CHARACTERS ($,%,<,>,&, etc.) ARE INVALID XML CHARACTERS!

<image_url_1></image_url_1> THROUGH <image_url_50></image_url_50>
Optional Image or Photos. Up to 50 images one per field. Field must be URL Compliant - Example Good: (http://www.mydomain.com/vehicles/carphoto1.jpg) Example Bad: (carphoto1.jpg) OR (mydomain.com/vehicles/carphoto1.jpg) Photos must be UNDER the 2mb limit Please DO NOT use PNG, GIF, TIFF or BMP photos. Upload System will automatically compress and upload the photos.

Optional - The web site url of the listed vehicle if available. OldRide Support will use this url if errors are encountered so that we can correct any issues.

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