Using your XML Inventory Feed

Your inventory on can be exported nightly (12:00 AM PST) to an XML file which you can use to keep remote databases or other sites which you are subscribed to up-to-date without having to enter your inventory data again on the remote site or service. Your unique XML Inventory file allows you the flexibility to maintain and administrate your inventory withing OldRide and have other sites automatically update via this XML file on a routine basis. The location of your exported inventory can be found in your MyOldRide Account and can be sent to sites or services which accept XML feeds.

Below is a simple diagram showing you how the XML feed can cut your update and administration time dramatically. This feature is automatically included at NO ADDITIONAL COST in your Dealer Account.

For assistance or troubleshooting support, please call 800-252-2260 or 310-602-7414 or email [email protected]

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