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What is Rusty Rides?


Rusty Rides is a collection of photos and stories that have been sent in to us from car enthusists from around the world. The photos capture the stories of lost, forgotten and neglected rusted relics from the past.

OldRide would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send in pictures and stories and for allowing us to share them with the collector car community. Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

1. Are vehicles pictured in rusty rides for sale?
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive! simply does not know if a vehicle is for sale or not. Pictures are sent in from all over the world and we do not ask or follow-up with the submitter about location, availability, etc.

2. Can you send me the contact details of the owner or photo submitter?
We do not request or keep information about the sender, therefore the information is not available. Secondly, our Privacy Policy is setup to protect member's privacy and so no contact information will be shared without prior consent from the photo submitter. If a sender's Rusty Ride vehicle is for sale - it will be removed from Rusty Rides and he/she will be asked to submit it in our classifieds.

3. I have some photos to share for Rusty Rides.
Please send your photos (as many as you wish) too [email protected]. You are welcome to write a brief description about the photo collection (ex: found in an old barn) or an entire story. Please indicate if you would like to receive honorary mention for the photo(s) in the posting description. NOTE: By sending your photos to Rusty Rides, you are granting ownership and permission to display and use all pictures.

4. Where can I find Classic Cars & Trucks for sale?
You can find a large selection of vehicles for sale in our classifieds. If you are looking for parts and accessories, please visit our parts classifieds

5. Why was my comment removed from Rusty Rides? reserves the right to remove any and all comments that we find offensive and/or unacceptable. Comments asking about a vehicles location, price, availability or containing vulgar language will be removed immediately with no notification! Rusty Rides is not a place to debate vehicle Makes, Example; Chevy beat's Ford. Note: Excessive offensive comments with vulgar and/or offensive verbiage may result in a membership account suspension.

Help and Support
For help and support please visit our support page at or email [email protected].
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