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1967 GTO parts: CALL 440 382-8161 -
Air conditioning controls with switch and wiring $250,
Air conditioning controls face plate $125,
Air conditioning controls wiring harness $50,
Alternator bracket $75,
Alternator red positive terminal cover $10,
Accessory price list $15,
Bolt with spacer - timing cover to intake $10,
Clock - Rally $135,
Clock light wire harness with bulbs $40,
Clock hole cover $20,
Console mounting bracket $35,
Console compartment light with bulb $25,
Console door hinge $30,
Console door hinge spring $15,
Convertible rear courtesy lights $45 pair,
Convertible top cylinder mounting hardware $50,
Convertible top motor,cylinders and lines $150,
Convertible top switch $65,
Convertible sun visor brackets $135,
Coil mounting bracket $30,
Dash ashtray protector $35,
Dash ashtray $55,
Dash gas gauge $55,
Dash ground set $45,
Dash ashtray with mounting bracket $75,
Distributor hold down clamp $12,
Door window stop brackets (4) $45,
Directional flasher holder $5,
Engine lifting hook $12,
Glove box lock with key $35,
Glove box light with bulb $30,
Grille center support $35,
Hardtop roof rail weatherstrip retainers $150,
Heater controls with switch $115,
Heater controls mounting bracket $25,
Heater wiring harness $35,
Headlight switch connector $15,
Hose bracket - PCV 4 bbl $30,
Hood safety latch $35,
Hood release $115,
Hood scoop insert $175,
Horn switch $30,
Hazard flasher chrome button $12,
Headlight switch $35,
Ignition switch with bezel and key $100,
Instrument cluster with speedometer and lens - not Rally $295,
Instrument cluster housing $40,
Oil filter adapter $75,
PCV Hose bracket $35,
Parking light bezels $35 pair,
Parking brake pedal assembly $55,
Parking brake pedal pad with trim $20,
Radio power connector $30,
Radio block off $125,
Radio mounting bracket $30,
Radio light harness with bulb $40,
Reverb switch with bezel and lever $100,
Rear speaker switch with bezel and lever $85,
Remote control mirror $175,
Steering column to firewall plastic cover $45,
Steering column to dash mounting bracket $75,
Steering wheel center cap $35,
Steering box mounting bolt with washer $10,
Tachometer light harness with bulbs - dash $40,
Tape player knob bezels $30 pair,
Transmission kick down switch with bracket $75,
Trunk light $65,
Trunk latch $45,
Trunk latch striker $30,
Valve cover mounting bolts $15,
Water pump mounting bolts $20,
Windshield wiper switch $45,
Windshield wiper wire harness $35,
NOS GTO Quarter emblems $150 pair
NOS Antenna mast $150,
NOS GTO Trunk emblem $75,
NOS Transmission cross member nuts and bolts $35,
NOS Gas gauge tank seal $10,
Reproduction front armrest bases $45 pair,
Reproduction rear armrest bases $45 pair,
Reproduction rear armrest pads - black $45 pair,
Reproduction rear armrest pads - parchment $45 pai,
Reproduction dome light lens $12,
Reproduction walnut 4 speed knob $75,
Reproduction door mirror $65,
Call 440 382-8161


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