Pottstown Cars & Coffee

September 12 - September 12, 2015

Stowe, PA

This Event Expired on Sep 12,2015. If you are the event coordinator, please login to edit your show dates and information.
PLEASE NOTE: We have a new start time for PC&C events, after many of our attendees expressed interest in starting it at 8am, rather than the original 9am. The events will still run until 12 noon.

After great success with our 1st 9 meets of the new season, in the all new location, I continue to get more excited over this event's popularity. So here we go, this is the INVITE to the next PC&C Event.

As we did at the first 9 meets of the year, we will be meeting for the 10th time in the Stowe Crossing Shopping Center (1630 West High Street, Stowe ) on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

A copy of our schedule / flyer will be posted on this page, so, feel free to print it out and spread the word, post it up, hand out copies, and help us grow this event to match and exceed some of the sister events which are at this time MUCH larger. These events have become great places / times for car enthusiasts to get together and meet, and eat, and have some coffee and shoot the breeze, with NO expectations of JUDGING, or TROPHIES. JUST CAR PEOPLE getting together with other CAR PEOPLE.

Car enthusiasts of all kinds are welcome. It does not matter what you drive, if it’s a LAMBORGHINI, or a GEO METRO, if it has 500 hp, or 80h hp, if it was made in THIS Country, or came from Over Seas. This is about the passion for cars, and the want to HANG and MEET others with the same passion.

I AM GOING TO STRESS THIS PART AGAIN (since we still have some people that are not following this simple request).

No need for a BOOK OF RULES, all we ask is that those who wish to participate, respect each other, each others vehicles, the property in which we have been given the opportunity to use, both by the merchants and property owners, as well as all local Law Enforcement, and please obey local traffic laws. We are all car enthusiast, we all love a fast car, however this event is not the place for wide open throttle pulls or burnouts.

(For those who cannot abide by these simple courtesies they will be asked to leave and not return).

For more information, or if you have questions, please visit our Facebook page at;